Nominate me for the Fashion Awards MD!

Anyone who knows me either via my blog or interacting online knows that I've been trying to make a name for myself in the fashion industry for the past two years.  It's hasn't been easy. There's not many windows of opportunity aside from either paying a lot of money or gracing one of those reality shows.  Well I've been given that one little window to debut among the fashionistas of Baltimore,Md and I desperately need your help.

Cast a nomination ballot for Kindred Dreamheart in the

Oh pretty please!  As far as I know, you do not have to live in MD or even the US to cast a ballot. Details can be found on their website at under the tab "Nominate".  Please nominate me for the category: Emerging Talent of the Year. Sub-category: Emerging Clothing Designer.

It only takes like 2 minutes.  This is how the voting page looks:

*Must enter 
name: Kindred Dreamheart
 AND at least one form of contact- 
the nominee's email

You do not have to fill in the other categories. 
Just keep pushing enter until you reach the "Finish Survey" button.

In the end you will see this

I would seriously love you to pieces if you could nominate me & Tell a friend!


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