Prescription Nerd Glasses - Questions & Answers Part 1

Hi Beauties! 
It's me again and I'm here to talk all things fabulous! There have been quite a few requests for advice on various topics. I don't want to skip over anyone, so I'll be doing several posts answering your questions! Firstly, though, I want to say thank you for valuing our advice! 

Okay now on to the first question! 

A Fan writes: 
Those super big nerd glasses are really in right now. All my friend have them, but not me. Why? Well I have no idea where I can find those frames for prescription lens. Help.

Jessica L.

Hey Jessica!
I have the perfect site for you! I get ALL of my glasses from This place is uber affordable! All you need is your prescription, input it into their system and you're ready to start ordering. They have glasses with prescription starting at $6.95! Yes! That's including prescription! 

Here are photos of some of the glasses that I've bought from them:
These are slightly cat eye frames.

These are the nerd style with a clear frame.

These are aviator style frames.

Again, they have tons of styles starting at $6.95. I hope this helps in your quest to find the perfect glasses! 

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~B. Ayesha
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  1. Great post! I've always wondered where people find those frames. I've tried Eyebuydirect and recently discovered Firmoo, but I will have to def check out your source! Cuteness!


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