Stylish Maternity Clothes - Questions & Answers Part 2

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It's me again answering questions for advice on various topics! Let's get right to it! 

A Fan writes:

Hey ladies. My name is Lisa and I'm 5 mo preggo. I'll start showing soon. While I'm sure I'll have to give up my Jimmy Choo's eventually, I refuse to wear big tees, flip flops, and braids like my sis when she was preggo. Don't get me wrong, I love my sis but that's just not for me. If you two have little ones, where did you shop while you were carrying? I won't say any names, but some maternity stores are just too blah. 

First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS!!  Children are such a joy! I actually have three sons, but my youngest is now five years old. I can't really remember where I shopped while I was preggers. I can tell you that I didn't wear tees and flip flops but you may want to rethink the braids when you're closer to your due date. It's just easier. 

My suggestions for clothing are the following maternity sites:

     (Jessica Simpson & Heidi Klum both have lines here) (They have a silk printed maxi that Halle Berry wore while pregnant)

These are just a few sites that I know from memory. I have also included a link for a google search of stylish maternity clothes. You can never go wrong with a google search! :-)
Google link for Stylish Maternity Clothes

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions or need anymore help, let us know! 

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  1. Congrats Lisa! Best of luck shopping. I didn't know these celebrities had maternity lines! Oh and the choices are cute!

    1. Congrats Lisa!!!! I have two little girls of my own and when I was Pregnant I shopped @ Motherhood. They have a cute store in Texas that offers mommy baby yoga classes and some other great classes. You should look in your area for one of these. As for comfy shoes I stuck to really cute flats! Enjoy your pregnancy!

  2. No kids yet but whether casual or fashion driven you should be happy with what you see in the mirror. Great that you could give this lady some advice.

  3. Hello Lisa, I have three children. I ended up shopping at Motherhood too. I did find another store online called A Pea in the Pod two years ago when I was looking for a maternity coat and I remember they have some nice clothes. You can try it too if you haven't done so yet.


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