Book Review: Born by Jenna mcCormick

Born (B Cubed - Book #1)
by Jenna McCormick
Kindle Edition, 106 pages
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Born: Natural born humans are precious few and dwell in darkness.
Bred: Genetically engineered slaves who are the protectors of the Born.

Borg: The cybernetically enhanced enclave that split from the Born humans.
These three factions are all that remains of the human race after the world stopped turning. Scavenging in the darkness for what little is left, the war between them rages on though few know why. It begins with a child’s prophesy and can only end when they unite.
Or die.
From the moment he spies her silhouette cast by the bonfire, Cormack understands what it is to yearn for something he will never possess. Breds are made to provide for the natural born humans, dig their homes deep beneath the surface of the earth and to protect them from the ever-present cyborg threat. A Bred who reaches beyond his station will be recycled immediately, yet Cormack cannot get her visage out of his mind. Until he unearths a box, buried long before the earth stopped spinning.
Task Mistress Allora has no wish to brutalize the Bred worker she finds hoarding treasure, but as a servant of the colony that raised her from infancy, she is duty bound to report anything unusual to the Overlord, even if it costs the blue-eyed man his life. Yet something about the way Cormack watches her forces Allora to reevaluate her understanding of right and wrong. For this genetically engineered soldier is her only protection against the cyborgs who seek what they have discovered, a journal written by the prophetess Cassandra and a way to end the warring between the factions forever.

In this futuristic world there are 3 kinds of humans: Born, Bred, Borg

Born is what you want to be (So they thought) they are the ones in charge, Bred are the slaves that serve the Born, Borg are the ones feared by the Born.  And Bred were created to serve the Born and fight the Borg.

Cormack understands that as Bred he is a slave. He was made to serve the Born then he will be recycled (killed).  The Borns have made there home beneath the surface of the earth this is to help protect them from the the cyborgs. A Born and a Bred are forbidden to be together.  A Bred who reaches beyond his station will be recycled immediately. Cormack cannot stop thinking about Allora (a Born) his task mistress.  Now Cormack has found a treasure, an old lunch box that was buried deep within the earth.  His task mistress (Allora) was kind enough to let him open the box.  Inside is a book and Cormack's death, for any Bred found in possession of a book is to be recycled immediately.

Allora does not wish to torture the Bred workers.  She is more kind and fair, but she herself is a servant of there colony.  She is to report this finding to the overlord at once, even though it will cost Cormack his life (she does not agree with this punishment).  Allora also can't deny the attraction she has to this beautiful Bred man with the piercing blue-eyes.  Something about Cormack has Allora seeking another way to view right and wrong.

Allora will need Cormack more than she realizes as the cyborg's come for her.  The book which Cormack unearthed is the journal of Cassandra.  Cassandra was a prophet from a world of long ago who predicted this future.  Cassandra has a way to end the warring and enslaving between all the humans and Allora and Cormack are the keys to unlock a new future.

The cyborgs are not what they have been told.  The Born have lied to everyone, brainwashing them into believing the cyborgs are the enemy.  Together Allora and Cormack will learn the truth and they will have to trust in each other to live among the borg in their new home while learning more about the Born, Bred, Borgs and themselves everyday.

At just over 100 pages this was a fast read.  The story is very interesting and has great potential for the next books in this series.  This story shows how even when we trust in a system for which we were raised with certain beliefs or truths nothing is absolute.  To see the full picture and understand ourselves and the world in which we live and even our place within the world. we need an open mind and multiple POV's.

Rating: 3 STARS

Happy Reading!


  1. This sounds intense. Born, Bred, Borg....I really want to read this! Thanks for sharing and reviewing.

    1. Yes.... I was a good read. Quick short story. But I would read the others in the series.


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