My 35th Birthday Weekend!

Hi Guys and Dolls!!

It's me again! This week I'll be talking about my 35th Birthday Weekend outfits! My birthday was January 25th. It was a milestone birthday, so my friends decided to do something the entire weekend. That made me have to think of an outfit for everyday! Oy vey! LOL! So let's get into what I decided to wear.

Friday night we went to happy hour for the 30+ crowd. So I decided to get a little grown. LOL! 

Friday Night's Outfit
Jumper: Old (similar here)
Shoes: Wild Rose (here)
Belt: Asos (here)

Saturday we went to dinner and then out for drinks. You know I had to glam it up a bit for my actual birthday! I thought I was sexy y'all! LOL! 

Saturday Night's Outfit
Two Piece Skirt & Top: Similar (here)
Belt: Asos (here)
Shoes: Wild Rose Checkered Heel (here)

Okay, so by Sunday I was all partied out. I really didn't even want to get out of the bed by Sunday. LOL! But my AMAZING friends wanted to end the day by going to the movies. So here's my last casual outfit of the weekend.
Sunday's Outfit
Sweatshirt: Oasap (here)
Sneakers: Mark & Maddux (here)

So that was my birthday weekend. I had a blast! Thought I was looking cute! You know! LOL! 
So what do you guys think? Too much? Not enough? Please comment below with questions and/or feedback! Thank you guys for stopping by and I will definitely see you next week! 

~B. Ayesha
Educate. Inspire. Transform


  1. Happy belated Birthday dear!!! You looked more than great don't worry you were resplendissant^^ i'm really happy your friends made this event a fabulous one for you!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I love ASOS. That Egyptian top and the gold tipped shoes are slick! Too Cute all 3 days!

  3. Happy birthday! I love all the shoes!

  4. Happy belated birthday!!! You looked fabulous :)

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