A Few of My Fave Small Business Owners!

Hey Guys &  Dolls!
It's me again!! Let's talk all things fabulous!! This week I'll be spotlighting a few of my fave small business owners! As a small business owner, myself, I try to highlight other small business owners as often as possible!! 

So let's get to it! The first Boutique I'll be spotlighting is Shop Guilty Pleasure! The owner, Dana, was one of my many inspirations for starting my own business. She is based in Norfolk, VA. She has amazing pieces for affordable prices. She initially started with jewelry and has since expanded to clothing, shoes and accessories as well. Check her out at www.shopguiltypleasure.com

Here are a couple of pieces from her online store: 
(Available here)

(Available here)

My second fave feature is Tamara Parker. She's the owner of Phone Case Fetish. These are customized phone cases. I LOVE the idea! She's a great person! One of my biggest supporters and an amazing woman! Check her out at www.phonecasefetish.com! For any inquiries send your emails to phonecasefetish@gmail.com or customercare@phonecasefetish.com. 

Here are a couple of her customized cases:

Third up is Nyemah Mumford. She's the owner of Constantly Glamorous! "Constantly Glamorous" is customized beaded jewelry and accessories for mainly infants/toddlers/youth, however she does custom orders for adults as well. The official website is ConstantlyGlamorous.bigcartel.com you can also contact her by email for a custom order at ConstantlyGlamorous@gmail.com!

Here is a piece that she created exclusively  for my online boutique:

(Available here)

Last up is Monique Yesenia. She's one of my closest friends. She's actually more like family.Monique Yesenia is the name and the brand. She's a self published author, motivational speaker, mentor and proud owner of MONIQUE YESENIA COSMETICS. Get familiar! www.moniqueyesenia.com!!

Here's more on Monique Yesenia:

For digital download of her first book, email moniqueyesenia@gmail.com

Second book being released Spring/Summer 2014

And of course I have to shamelessly plug my own business! LOL! Check me out www.chaussureboite.com!! Chaussure Boite by B. Ayesha is a two-fold company. We are an online boutique as well as a monthly Accessory Subscription Box Service. Inquiries/Concerns email support@chaussureboite.com.

Here are a few items from my online store:
(Available here)

These are just a few of my fave small business owners! There are so many that I love, they couldn't all fit in one blog post. Do you guys have a fave small business owner that you love? Let us know! 

So what do you guys think? Too much? Not enough? Please comment below with questions and/or feedback! Thank you guys for stopping by and I will definitely see you next week! 

~B. Ayesha
Educate. Inspire. Transform


  1. This post is so great! I've shopped with you before and I love your shop. However I'm going to need a tutorial on how to wear the dragon ear charm. *lol* I may be back real soon. I'm going to need a conversation piece for the fashion award show next month. Oh and I have a custom order pending with Phone Case Fetish. Tamara's cases are beyond cute!

  2. are cute! So far, I find other shops extending their product range, like adding clothing and bags to their accessories stores, to bring in more customers. Have you considered that idea as well?

    Roxanne Boyd @ Business Coach San Diego


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