ARC Review: Shattered Veil by Tracy E. Bangahrt

ARC Review: Shattered Veil by Tracy E. Banghart

Shattered Veil (The Diatous Wars #1)
By Tracy E. Banghart
Paperback 377 pages
E-book own
Expected Publication: February 28th 2014

An ARC copy was provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an honest review

When everything that defines you is stripped away, who do you become?
War has come to Atalanta, infecting its quiet villages and lush woodlands, igniting whispered worries in its glittering capitol.
All across the dominion, young men are being Selected for Military and sent to the front lines…and eighteen-year-old Aris Haan’s childhood sweetheart is one of them.
Pyralis Nekkos, Atalanta’s leader, has kept the truth from his people, that their dominion will fall…and much sooner than anyone could guess.
Galena Vadim, his reluctant ally, wishes she could forget their shared past...until her future seems to depend on it.
And for the boy she loves, Aris, a talented wingjet pilot, will give up everything - her home, her name, even her face...
...only to become the key to her dominion's survival.

A little note before we begin, These are the characters I thought up in my head when reading about them. I know I am probably WAY off in casting, but in my head these are the two People I AUTOMATICALLY thought of.

And Aren't they GORGEOUS! Meet Milek/Major Vidar *SWOON* and Aris/Aristos!

*Just painting a Perfect picture for all you :)*

This is A tremendously well executed YA dystopian novel. You have the new world, new highly advanced technology, and a country that is in war. 

Aris is a young girl (who is also one of the BEST flyers in Lux) who is going through Selection with her boyfriend Calix. They have everything planned out. He will become a mender and will announce that they are promised to each other that very night. Her world gets turned upside down when she meets a man named Tress who tells her that everything she has planned is in fact not happening (he wants her to consider flying for a military that women aren't allowed to join). Aris sorta shrugs everything he says off. At selection she learns everything Tress said was true. Calix will indeed become a mender but for the Military. 

Aris not able to handle her Boyfriend going off to war, knowing they could go months even years without seeing each other decides to take drastic measures. 
This is when Aris becomes, Aristos Haan, Military flyer.

At first doing this all for the wrong reasons Aris is a little annoying to me. But hey if shes annoying to me and gets under my skin then it shows that I am in a teenage girls mind. Someones mind who hasn't fully matured. One that misses her boyfriend. The author developed her correctly. I get to watch Aris blossom into a wonderful man/woman. One with commitment, loyalty, and courage. A person who decides that everything she/he is doing has much more meaning. And its something beyond her. It isn't just for Calix anymore. Which is a good thing because the way he treats her later on the book disgusts me. 

Major Vidar/Milek (no spoilers you have to read the book to find out why he has two aliases) Is the hero/male lead in this book, in my opinion of course. Once it comes out that Aristos is actually Aris we see little glimpses of Major Vidar being interested especially towards the end. But you know what I love about him?!?! He isn't pushy. He understands Aris isn't ready for a relationship much less a new love interest. And he respects that. He is very handsome, charming, and patient. I love him. 

On top of the war going on, Aris becoming a man and growing into herself as a person, we also have the kidnapping of Galena, The Warden of Ruslana going on. I liked the suspense the author built on this. Until the end when everything was getting wrapped up and tied together I had no idea what significance Galena had or why this kidnapping was so important. But don't let that get to you, it does have significance and it opens a lot of doors for Aris and women in general. I like the vague and mysteriousness of it all.

I enjoyed this book. It took me to a new place. I was rooting and hollering for Aris. I got emotional and scared and worried. Everything I want a book to make me feel this one did it for me.
As I have said in a previous book review I have done for this author, Her writing style is flawless to me. The character execution is right on the money. She truly makes me feel like I am a part of this. She makes me WANT to be a part of this.

In modeling you aren't always posing alone. Sometimes you have to pose with two birds on your head a snake wrapped around your arm and a crying baby at your feet. But your job is to own that picture, to make it work, to make people want to be you in that same situation because you make it look good you own it. Tracy Banghart did that for me in this novel. She made me want to walk in Aris shoes. She turned this dystopian novel into something real for me. The emotions were live and raw. 

two more things to say
1. I love that this novel is based on the story and everything going on at hand, You don't have a romance taking over the story, but it still has the romance there.
2. Thank goodness for no love triangles, I was almost scared there was one coming on! So again thank you for not doing that to me


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