Book Review: Unicorn Bait by S.A. Hunter

Unicorn Bait
Unicorn Bait
by S.A. Hunter
Kindle Edition, 242 pages
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Naomi accidentally goes to another planet thanks to a unicorn horn. Unfortunately, the horn doesn't come with her, and she doesn't know any other way back home, but that's not her biggest problem. That would be her brand new husband, and he's kind of scary. Her only hope is a crazy witch who knows something about catching unicorns. Which would be fine and dandy except, it's the crazy witch who introduced her to her husband. And then ran off. She's going to get her for that.
Unicorn Bait is a fun romp through a magical world filled with adventure, humor, and a little naughtiness.

This story was defiantly on the scale of different, original, creative & entertaining. Noami is the main character & is teleported to another planet. There she is taken against her will & made to marry Tavik. Tavik is a Lord amongst his people but is greatly feared with good reason. Noami is terrified by him & the demon mask he wears 24/7. She makes friends with a mouse (yes a mouse, haha) that can talk & leads her to someone who can help, a witch named Agatha. Agatha is Tavik's least favorite person on the planet. Noami needs Agatha's help desperately to find her way back home. She also needs to find a unicorn which can be a bit tricky. There are some twists & turns along the way but all in all it was a nice read. I could not put in down, I had to find out what happened next, secretly not knowing which way I really wanted the story to end. Noami going home to her parents & brother or staying on this planet with Tavik which whom she could love even after he forced a marriage upon her.

Rating: 3 STARS


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