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It's me again! This week I'll be dishing on my fave budget friendly online store (besides my own store of course)! I am a lover of all things fashionably fabulous! I probably spend more of my time perusing fashion sites than I should. I blog and analyze fashion but, like you, I am a consumer. I know, firsthand, how frustrating it can be to try to follow fashion trends and stay within budget. I am not wealthy. I'm an everyday woman, just like most of you. I'm a mother and a professional. So, a lot of my time is spent finding sites that I can find great pieces for less! With that being said, Let's get to the goodies!

My most fave online store is! When I tell you I check this site at least 5 times a day! Honey! That may be an understatement! LOL! Let me tell you that I have gotten shoes that are still being sold for 40, 50, even 60 dollars still. It's like an outlet mall! Everything on the site is 10 dollars (or less) and if you sign up for an account they automatically take off 3% on future orders. Here are some of the shoes that I've gotten from their site:

These are made by Mark & Maddux and are still being sold for 35.00

The shoes on the right originally sold by Sole Society for 50.00$

These sneakers are by Qupid and are currently 24.00$ regularly 46.00$.

These are Qupid Sneakers currently 20.00$ regularly 50.00$.

Idk Who this sweater is made by but similar sweaters are selling for 17+$ on sites like Forever 21.

Now with this site, you won't know who the shoes or clothes are made by until you receive them. Their customer service is Awesome! Just remember to check everything and not throw away the box until you're sure you have all of your items. They update their website regularly, so be sure to check back often. The items on this site go fairly fast! I'm addicted to buying shoes from them! LOL! I don't even have any place to put them right now. The fact that I can get 10 pairs of awesome shoes (clothing, accessories, etc) for about 100.00 leaves me skipping over to their site at least once a month to do a haul! If you need to update you wardrobe but are on a tight budget, I would suggest you go shop! Here's the link again:

I guess the main point of this post is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to look FAB! Style is something inherent. If you pick the right items, no one will be worried about the price because you'll be look too awesome! :-)

So that's my take on my FAVE online budget friendly store! What's yours? If you guys have some great sites, leave a comment so that we can all check it out! 

So what do you guys think?! Too much? Not enough? Let me know! Comment below!! 

Satisfying your fashion Addiction!

~B. Ayesha
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  1. Oh I think this is my new favorite site!!!!!! The shoes are so cute. I hope they are comfortable! Lulu's has really cheap cute shoes also when you catch their sales.

  2. Hey, thanks for the head's up! There's so much of these online stores on the net that you'd almost be hard-pressed just sorting through them. I guess this also shows that merely putting these up on the net is not enough. There has to be a push, some kind of marketing shove to really get these things visible to as many eyes as possible, so customers would find better bargains more quickly. Sort of like this shoutout, for example.

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