*New Glasses* Let's Celebrate!

 New glasses are a BIG thing with me. It's not every day that you get a make over. Frames could be like plastic surgery with the diversity of frames on the market.  I went to visit the optometrist last week. Frames really do change the facial focal points.
Big difference with these two....of course facial expressions can also alter a look. One of my buddies said the old ones made me look studious, whereas the new ones were trendy and cool! Yep, all and all, I think I'm going to like my new glasses.
Annnnd once again I went back to try on my new glasses two days later...This time with the straight hair. I know, I know. ..I'm such a dork. *lol*
These new glasses are right on time for the Maryland Fashion Award Show next month.  New frames on my face...check, and I'm thinking of wearing my hair bone straight. Oh and classic stilettos  Now if I can only figure out what to wear on my body!!!



  1. I know the focus is on the glasses, which are nice, but I am loving your lipstick in the new glasses.

    1. Thank you Nana Prah. In the first image of old glasses , I wore Covergirl hot passion. In the new glasses, I'm wearing Milani classy nude topped with Covergirl wetslicks/ fruit spritzers in watermelon splash.

  2. I love both pair! The old ones give you the classy, hot librarian look. Where the new ones give you this "I let my hair down, imma have fun" kinda look! You rock both looks!

    I looove the straight hair :)


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