Review: Twisted Kiss by Anya Bast

The Twisted Kiss (Doomsyear #1)

by Anya Bast
Kindle Edition, 115 pages
ISBN: 1609288696
Source: Ebook - Own

Kylie Mitchell lives in a world of monsters. Thanks to a military experiment gone viral, over half the population is gone, and most of what remains has mutated into storybook werewolves and vampires. On this new Earth, only the tough survive, and Kylie has more than enough reason to want to be left alone.
When the Council of the Wise decrees that she must mate with a potent vampire and a powerful werewolf, Kylie resents their intrusion into her self-imposed exile. As one of the last humans on Earth, she always assumed she'd be safe from the super-psychics' machinations, and she's not ready to trust her heart to anyone.
Michael and Christian share no great love for each other, but they have one thing in common: their long-time desire for Kylie. Determined to ensure she doesn't spend the rest of her lonely life wallowing in needless guilt, they choose to put aside their differences and work together, never allowing her time to think as they seduce her body and mind, hoping their love will tempt her heart to open to them.
Yet just as she begins to bloom under their fiercely protective attention, a twisted and monstrous figure from the past rises up, threatening to destroy everything....

First book that I have read by Anya Bast. I loved it. I am hoping for more to come in this series. 

This series is about a society short on females, short on humans, and even on vampires and werewolves. The physics (powers that be) are few in this society as well but are respected and basically make the laws. Marriage is a thing of the past and now couples are comprised of one woman and two men much of the time. Few and far between are a mating of a human female, werewolf, and vampire. Christian (Wolf), Michael (vampire) and Kylie (human) are now one of those arrangements. 

Kylie just wants to be left alone after the situation with Louis. Kylie does not want any relationships starting and she certainly does not want one with a vamp and a were, even if they are the hottest of hot. Michael is in love with Kylie and has been for quite a while as has Christian. Neither of the men want to share her but are forced to push their jealousy aside. They both want her and the only way one gets her is if the other one gets her too.

Michael & Christian come to an agreement on the Kylie situation and agree that both love her and do not want to give her up for the other one. They agree to get along for Kylie's sake. Kylie is hurt and feels as if she does not deserve love because of what happened between Louis and her and does not know what to do with these feelings. Kylie finds herself after one kiss from Christian wanting him with an intensity that scares her. Then Michael kisses her and the feelings of want and desire overtake her again. She feels like she is going crazy, she feels guilty and she feels like a slut.

Michael and Christian show her that it is okay to love both of them and they take iy one step at a time.
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