Review: Unbelonging by Sabrina Stark

Unbelonging (Unbelonging - Book #1)
by Sabrina Stark
Kindle Edition, 351 pages
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Sometimes, the Place You Belong Isn't Where You Began...With an accounting degree that's getting her nowhere, Chloe Malinski spends her nights waitressing and her days housesitting in a neighborhood that's infinitely beyond her reach or comfort zone. But she knows all too well that no one wants a pauper in their mansion, so she's gotten good - maybe a little too good - at faking it 'til she makes it.

With more baggage than any airline, Lawton Rastor made his money through prizefighting - and not the kind with padded gloves and some bowtie-wearing referee. He made it through the gritty, back alley kind where sweaty money changed hands over beer and bimbos.
She's a poor girl from Hamtramck. He's a billionaire bad boy from Detroit. They should've never crossed paths. But when they do, thanks to Chloe's latest housesitting gig, the collision of sparks, secrets, and misunderstandings leaves both of them yearning to belong exactly where they shouldn't - with each other.
A full-length novel of 78,000 words, this new adult contemporary romance is book one of the two-part Belonging Series. It features mature content, sexual situations, and adult language. It's not advised for anyone under the legal age of consent. Look for book two, Rebelonging, coming in late March 2014.

Chloe is a waitress, a college graduate, a dog walker, and a house-sitter. Her dad remarried a horrible woman who dislikes Chloe and her brother Josh. Josh is 13 and Chloe wants him to live with her but is struggling to get an accounting job to be able to get her own place.  Right now Chloe is house-sitting and has a place to stay.  Right down the street from Lawton.

Lawton is a professional fighter turned millionaire. Girls use him for his money, his body, his reputation and much more. So he is a little untrusting.  But something about the girl next door has him chasing after her. Chloe is trying to stay focused on the house-sitting gig. She signed a confidentiality contract stating that she would not divulge any information of her being a house-sitter.

Chloe and Lawton become friends and they cannot deny that they have an attraction to one another.  Chloe has a really bad 24 hours starting with seeing Brittany (Lawton's "friend"),quitting her job/getting fired, losing the job she was supposed to start in another week before it began, getting her car window broken, and ending with getting her phone stolen.  So she decides screw this and starts drinking.  Feeling brave after a few shots, feeling like she has nothing else to lose and feeling the need to be crazy just once in her life she goes to Lawton's place.

Lawton and Chloe don't really know each other that well but they really love spending time together.  Chloe figures she can tell him everything after the house-sitting gig is over and then they can talk about their pasts if needed.

Chloe and Lawton seem to be pretty perfect together until Brittany seems to organize a prank that will screw everything up.  

Now Lawton is feeling played and thinks that Chloe had a plan all along with using him.  He does not believe that she really cares for him.  Then reality and truth comes out from Bishop, an unlikely source given his dislike and distrust of Chloe (he always thought that Chloe was playing him).  Bishop tells Lawton that it was Brittany all along and now Lawton has screwed up everything with Chloe.  He has to fix it but will Chloe let him.  The book ends with Lawton telling Chloe that he will fix it between them.

And now I have to wait for Book #2 "Rebelonging" coming in March. :-(

RATING: 4 Stars 

For Book #2, my expectations are:

  1. That Lawton can win Chloe's trust back.
  2. That once Lawton learns who Chloe is and her background that he will not care.
  3. Chloe will forgive Lawton.
  4. Lawton will let Chloe in on his past.
  5. Chloe will find out what Lawton and Bishop have planned for their side business.
  6. Bishop and Chloe will forgive the past and become friends.
  7. Thanksgiving is not a horrible experience for Chloe.
  8. Chloe finds an accounting job so she can quit the diner.
  9. Chloe gets a place of her own and Josh and her grandmother can move in with her.  Or Chloe and Lawton move everyone to his place with THEM.
  10. A happy ending because lets face it that is what we all want. RIGHT. 
Happy Reading!


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