Dreamheart Spotlight Update #8

Kevo Desh, Dreamheart Spotlight #2 , has a new filming project.  If you were ever a fan of these choose your destiny books, here's a choose your destiny music video. 

The heart felt lyrics, melodic voice of Ellie Goulding and dreamy strings helped me envision a lovers quarrel. The past can haunt anyone. We just happen to see the past of one young lady (Nia) who's "past" clashed with her "present". This brings her to a sadly familiar place... Dead in the Water.

I picked her side first and his side second.  OMG I got chills when I saw her in the water.

This video is courtesy of  Hidefsoul, LLC camp! Their first Interactive Music Film sponsored by Tribeca Film Festival, Lincoln Motor Company, Genero.tv, Interlude Ellie Goulding starring Jennifer DénieceActor Marc Henry Lazarre, KEVO DESH & LOVE DE FACTO, and Peyton Rodgers. Directed by KEVO DESH & Jaiah Rodgers. Please interact and share!


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