Kindred Dreamheart @ Fashion Awards Maryland 2014 #FAMD2014

Hello Beautiful People! 

Last Sunday I attended the Fashion Awards MD 2014 at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, MD as a VIP guest and Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey gown design contestant.

It truly meant the world to me to be chosen as a showcasing fashion designer. I’ve been sewing and designing my entire life and to take part in something of this caliber really made me feel validated as a designer. Yes, I was recently a featured RAW artist and I thought that the highlight of my 2014. But then I was able to take part in this and it meant so much more to be recognized locally. Even if I didn’t win a thing, I was just happy to take part. It truly meant the world to me.

Coach K, the life coach and event speaker of #FAMD, said that some of the most beautiful, most talented, and smartest people the world may ever know are at the cemetery. Why? Because they let fears hold them back from showing their gifts to the world. They take their gifts to the grave. Well darn it that won’t be me. I may not have been the prettiest on the red carpet, the richest in VIP, or the most talented on the stage. But I was there. I took a chance and I put my art (my baby) up for public speculation. I did it. I want to cry. I did cry. I am crying still, because I am proud of myself. And my New Year resolution may be late, but here it is: I won’t let FEAR of rejection hold me back. I refuse to take my gift to the grave having never shared it with the world. This year I will do more than I did last year.

Kindred Dreamheart...FULL SPEED AHEAD!

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