Movie Review: Divergent #FactionBeforeBlood

I was very lucky to acquire screening tickets to view Divergent last night. The line was super long at White Marsh, MD and many were turned away.  Because I was such a fan of the novel, I was down right giddy waiting in line and refused to leave once seated for snacks or even to relieve my bladder.

 In the end it was worth it for me, while my friend complained that it was "lame".  Of course the entire way home, I was defending it's honor and explaining it's awesomeness.

Like many novel to movie remakes, much was left unsaid. 

 I will list the main unmentioned events that altered the film tremendously:
  • Shailene Woodley as Tris was not as unpretty as the book suggested.  I mean she is really pretty!  That was a plus for me, but didn't convey the self consciousness of "Book Tris"
  • They didn't really elaborate on the Factors, so if you didn't already know the characteristics, it can be confusing.
  • All of Tris' many friendish betrayals (that kept her low ranking) from the novel, weren't shown.
  • The smoking hot kiss scene from the novel didn't quiet do it for me on the film. 
  • Oh and right after they had a fade out.... hence leaving room for interpretation.  I heard a girl behind me yell out, "Yeah he hit that." *SMH* *lol* But if you read the book you know what REALLY happened.
  • They didn't list all of Tris' fears.  Yeah I counted.  (When you see the movie, correct me if I'm wrong.)
  • Tris' little special fear about Four was relayed in a different way. (Let's just leave it at that.) Oh and I was so not happy about it.
  • Tris' mother doesn't go out in a blaze of glory. 0___O  I was looking forward to that part, but the scene was just as devastating as the novel.

The all time highs for me...
  • Theo James as Four was breath catching hot.  I mean seriously!  I think I am in love, again!
  • They didn't make Four's fears cripple him like in the book.  He didn't loose his sexiness AT ALL!!!!
  • Kudos to the wardrobe/ costume designer, Carlo Poggioli.  The styles ranged from tailored to loose and it was true to the novel while also being very fashionable!  The "Stiffs" looked very Bohemian chic in stead of the Amish vision I had in my head!

The Erudites' style was very professional and sleek. (reminiscent of The Matrix):
The movie didn't drag at all.The director definitely made it difficult for you to peel your eyes from the scene.  Every single actor, actress, and extra selected was downright gorgeous!  Even the villains were cute!  The ending definitely left me curious to see what happens next. 
All and all, Divergent, the movie was worth it. 
Go see it on Friday!


  1. I agree with Triss, I figured her to be pretty but in a more angular kind of way if that makes since. Shailene is just really pretty everything about her screams pretty girl. I like her don't get me wrong but She is not who I expected.

    Yummm Theo James!!!!

    1. Yeah, everybody casted were worthy of the catwalk. *lol* They freaking had Zoë Kravitz as Christina. That's Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet daughter! She's freaking adorable!


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