Review: Into the Woods by C. Jackson

Into the Woods (Dark Fairy Tales - Book #1)
by C. Jackson
Kindle Edition, 444 pages
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When Sutton Ryder is handed a card to a mysterious nightclub, she has no idea she’s being led into a dark and shining world of sex, glamour, and intrigue that exists in the shadows of elite Atlanta society. The Onyx Woods is a dark sensual world where the rich and powerful can live out their wildest fantasies in one of the many hidden rooms. It’s in one of these rooms Sutton runs into Maddox Hunter, a sexy lawyer that’s sensuality is hard to ignore. When Maddox offers to help Sutton navigate The Woods, she happily agrees. The thought of being with a man like Maddox is hard to resist. 
Maddox very rarely went to The Woods. The Woods held too many memories—good and bad. However, the one night he decided to walk down memory lane, was the one night he ran into Sutton. Maddox couldn’t escape Sutton’s beauty and innocent charm. It was the same charm he’d seen in someone else in that very same club. It was that concern that made Maddox want to guide Sutton, giving her the lessons she would need in order to make it through The Woods. The only thing that Maddox didn’t expect was to fall for his sweet student. 
Sutton didn’t think that she would fall for Maddox, but she can’t deny that her brooding teacher is getting under her skin. Sutton also didn’t think she would like The Woods, but with each trip, she finds herself venturing deeper and deeper. As she navigates the sexual playground, she finds that The Woods hold more than just fantasies. Everyone has something to hide, and as the secrets unravel, and she falls deeper into the dark twisted fairy tale, Sutton begins to wonder if she will ever make it out The Woods. 
Into the Woods is the first book in the Dark Fairy Tales Series. It takes a dark twist on a fairy tale, while spinning a twisted web of erotically charged drama. We follow Sutton into the dark world, filled with Machiavellian players, who use their power for hidden purposes. In the end, will Sutton find her way out, or get lost on her journey through the dark sensual woods. 

This series focuses on Sutton.  A waitress, 21 years old, lives with her grandmother because her parents died when she was younger.  She is given a GOLDEN TICKET to a secret underground SEX club.  Sutton has only had 2 lovers in her life and neither were worth her time.  Sutton is intrigued and goes to the club since they said she could make a lot more money working there and mingling then as a waitress.

Sutton finds out that this is just a cover for being a hooker, a very well paid hooker but a hooker none the less.  She decides to earn her money and work for the club mingling for her $9 an hour.  She does not plan on "getting" with anyone but before she even has a thought of not follow through with being a part of the club Maddox Hunter enters her life.  Now, he has opened her eyes and she wants to follow him down the rabbit hole and see what other sexual adventures will await her on the other side, hopefully with Maddox.

Sutton quickly learns that everything is not as simple as she thought, not even sex.  Sutton and Maddox's relationship is practically just sex and she yearns for more but quickly becomes complacent.  Sutton's friendship with Jarvis becomes stronger and she confides in him daily.  But her strength to ward off her attraction to Jeremiah is fading and could be an impending doom she never saw coming.

For the bad points:
The grammatical errors and small things that were not caught during proofing were a bit frustrating.  I would advise the author to do more proofing in the books to come in this series.  Several entries of he and she were incorrect, as well as words were skipped/left out or incorrect words used because of a typo.  This made the story a bit hard to follow.  Also, the author would jump around at some points.  One moment you were in the club and the next you were in a limo or bedroom but there was no indication of such an act not even a chapter end.

Now for the good points:
I liked Sutton's character.  Through the story you see her become a different person, a butterfly emerging from a caterpillar.  You see her become strong, determined, and independent.  The other character I love is Jarvis.  At first I disliked him and thought he was a jerk but as the story progressed I found myself wanting Sutton and Jarvis to figure out that they belong together.  I still feel that these two characters are made for each other.  Normally with this story line you vote for the leading man, Maddox but I came to realize that even though Maddox loves Sutton, I don't feel that Sutton is IN LOVE with Maddox.  Sutton constantly says "I don't know what love is" but I feel that she is IN LOVE with Jarvis and just does not understand that because of the close friendship they have.  Sutton knows she misses Jarvis, loves spending time with him, and is attracted to him. But can she see past the friendship?

I did not like the end of this book because throughout the story Sutton is fighting her attraction to Jeremiah, as she should.  We can see that Jeremiah is bad news all around.  We see snippets of story where there are people seeking revenge on Maddox and even Fiona (Club owner) but we are not sure who is involved.  But you feel that Jeremiah, even with his niceness to Sutton is hiding his real intentions.  And even though Jeremiah and Sutton come to an understanding within their relationship, boss, friend ..... It rubs you the wrong way.  I would read Book #2 of this series if not to just find out what happens between the 3 men and Sutton.  Who will Sutton end up with?  Who will her heart choose? Will it be to late, will Jarvis or Maddox move on?  What happened really happened to Carmen? Will Jeremiah's plan work?  Will Sutton get hurt once she figures out Jeremiah's plan?  What is Jeremiah's plan?  And what in the world does Jeremiah's boss have to do with this?

RATING: 3 STARS because I like the story

Happy Reading!


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