ARC: Meant For Me by L.P. Dover (Second Chances #3)

ARC: Meant For Me by L.P. Dover (Second Chances #3)

Meant For Me (Second Chances #3)
L.P. Dover
Kindle Edition302 pages
Published December 27th 2013 by L.P. Dover
Copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
Genre: New Adult

After a night of raw passion with the man Claire O’Briene had been secretly admiring for years, she thought their time together had come once and for all. Fate had finally brought them back to each other, but unfortunately nothing had changed. He was still the same man who ran away from relationships. Against his better judgment, Mason Bradley gave in to the temptation and allowed himself one night with the one woman he’d been too afraid to want … too afraid to need. 

Six months after leaving Claire and regretting every minute of it, Mason gets called in for an undercover mission that’s not only dangerous, but brings back a past he spent years trying to forget. A past of fighting … of getting in the ring and using his fists to get what he wanted: money, women, and drugs. Now there are fighters turning up dead, and it’s Mason’s job to find out the truth. 

Knowing he might not come out of the mission alive, Mason seeks out Claire to tell her how he truly feels, only to find another man competing for her love as well. Fighting is what he’s good at, and for once he will be fighting not only for justice … but for love.

Phew! Meant For Me was a book I was NOT expecting! I really thought this was going to be another Fluff novel. Nope this book went above and beyond my expectations

Ok so we have Mason A cop in North Carolina who does not do commitments. He is your manly man but not a jerk of a hero. Respectful, passionate, and caring. Throw in this beautiful woman Claire, who happens to be Mason's cousins best friend and ex sister-in-law. She is gorgeous, kind, compassionate, and runs her families vineyards. Whats not to love about her right? Mason and Claire had been friends for a while and there has always been something there between them. Neither ever acted on their lust for one another until Mason's cousins wedding. Mason being the commitment phobe he is apologizes to Claire the next morning and kinda lets her know that even though they shared a night of passion, their relationship is not going to be going any further......

Mason gets assigned a DANGEROUS uncover job and after 6 months of not being with or talking to Claire he misses her and realizes his mistake.  He also realizes He may not come home from this job. He is determined to let Claire how he feels before it is too late. Will he be able to let her know how he feels before he has to go? Will it be too late now that she is dating Cooper, a mega hot football player? So much anticipation!!!

I really enjoyed this book. The premise, story line, character development, and the authors writing style makes this book a winner for me! This book is told in Duel POV which is something I am seeing a lot more of. The Duel POV made this book that much more interesting. Seeing Mason and Claire's POV, their feelings, thoughts it was nice. I like Not having to guess what the male is thinking the whole time. It is all right there in the raw for you. 

I LOVE MMA books. I don't usually find UFC or MMA fighters attractive in real life, but as a fictional boyfriend they are one of my favorites. This MMA book is SO different from any I have ever read.  I honestly have only seen this idea in a movie or two, so reading this in a book was really cool. And I know that is completely vague but I can't give ANYTHING away! 

Bottom Line: If you like NA romances or even just romances, this is a great fast paced and thrilling novel with a FEW hot scenes! 


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