Fashion Finds @SheInsider #Spring2014

Old Man Winter,
I bite my thumb at you! 
Your treacherous reign of arctic winds and icy precipitation ends today!   

This has been the longest winter ever.   Just when we thought it was finally Spring (according to the calendar) it snowed!  Yep, it snowed just a few days ago and the temperature has not left the 30-40-50 degree range.

I'm a Southern country girl, by way of Tennessee,  so the very first time I saw the white fluffy stuff in Maryland I was ecstatic.  That joy died months ago.  In the words of that great Blues singer, "The Thrill is Gone!"  I've had it with the cold stuff.

 In anticipation of warmer days, I've been doing A LOT of boutique stalking.  I've been peering longingly in every storefront window with skantantly chad mannequins.  I've been link chasing every online site promising chiffon and sales.  In my pursuit of a wardrobe transformation from sweaters and corduroys  I discovered She Insider web surfing.   In a matter of  hours  I'd already planned my Spring wardrobe.

Check out my top picks: 

Casual Day DressesSpring Dresses
There're all short and super flirty.  
Very hassle free chic.  
Pair these with sandals and hit the road.

9-to-5 Dresses 

9-5 dresses

Just add pumps and accessories and these would be acceptable office attire.

For a Pick-Me-Up:
 Yellow means "Sunshine"

This yellow jumpsuit and wrap dress would  brighten up even the most gloomy of days!

Date Night Dresses & Jumpsuits

Chic Black

I saw these and absolutely HAD to have them!
Sexy white swimsuit
Swimsuit cuteness
I cannot wait to start wearing some of these awesome finds.
Now I'm just waiting on the weather to break.

Oh and when all this is over you too should bare as much skin as you dare. 
You totally deserve it. Make the most of it and soak in the sun.

You can find all of these online at Sheinside.  
What do you think of my Spring 2014 picks?


  1. OMG the graphic day dresses are GORGEOUS

  2. Ohmigee the casual day dresses I must have!!

    1. The best part about these dresses, aside from their cuteness of course, is the reasonable prices.

  3. I Love it all! The swimsuits are my favorite I love that their one pieces, classy, but still sexy without revealing EVERYTHING! All the dresses are adorable I wish I could pull off wearing yellow, but it seems to wash me out :(

    1. Try mixing the yellow with a color that works for you. Say taking the dress and adding a blazer, jacket, or light sweater. That's the only way I can wear the color red.

  4. I love the white flower patterned night out dress! Nice picks :)\

    Thanks for linking up with Let Your Light Shine Thursdays!


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