Hey guys! I'm going to be featuring the books I have on my TBR list for May!As a photographer spring is a busy year for us. I have been shooting everything from dog portraits to Weddings. Since I've been super swamped I haven't had much time to actually sit down and open a good book.
For the month of May I decided I would make it a goal to read at least 1 book a week. I will definitely aim for more, but I will be happy with the one a week.  

So here are the books I am going to try to get read:

If you have read any of these books let me know your thoughts and opinions! I love book talks so dive right in and let me know what you plan on reading for the month of May!


  1. City of Bones, really messed me up in the head. Let's just say the knowledge bomb they drop at the end is so unexpected it will leave your jaw on the floor. I found the entire thrilogy entertaining. When I discovered they extended the series by an additional two novels, I stopped at the third.

  2. Omg I cant wait! What made you stop reading the books? Did they kinda just get not as good or just too many in a series?

    1. Book 3 was just such a nice ending, I rather not see that ruined. Besides I heard that the drag out made it worst. So just call me chicken. Let me know if you read book 4 and like it.

    2. If I get that far I def will let you know! I might marathon the series for the new release


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