Review: Craig's Heart by N.J. Walters

Craig's Heart (Legacy - Book #7)
by N.J. Walters
Kindle Edition, 221 pages
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Craig Lawton’s life is full. Filled with normal things like work as a video-game creator and financial investor, and not-so-normal things like two half-werewolf siblings and a vampire best friend.
He’s accustomed to being the only human in the room…until he attempts to help a desperate, newly made vampire in the throes of her first transformation.
Evie Pelowski is a woman alone. Left alone in a filthy alley to become a monster like the one that attacked her, unable to control the bloodlust surging through her veins. Now she’s done the unforgivable—turned her Good Samaritan into a monster just like her.
They must face the future while coming to grips with their new realities. But despite a strong bond ignited by blood and forged in the heat of sexual desire, despite Craig’s unshakeable determination to teach her to trust, Evie knows nothing she loves ever stays. Especially when the vampire who made her wants her back, and he’ll kill anyone who gets in his way

Craig Lawton is the brother to Chrissten & Quinn (half breed werewolves).  He does the accounting and investing for his family and friends (whom are all supernatural) and creates video games.  He loves information and is great at anything computer related including HACKING.  Oh yeah, and his best friend Damek is a vampire. 

Evie Pelowski is a local artist who loves to paint.  Evie is just trying to make it as an artist by having her work in some local coffee shops around the city.  Her past is filled with loneliness and abandonment leaving her with growing up in several foster homes.  She has always been a lone wolf, which is saying something considering she gets turned into a vampire after being stalked by one for weeks.  Now the old vampire, Vlad is keeping her hostage.  She manages to escape and finds herself alone in a dirty ally unable to control her lust for blood.

Craig being the good guy that he is stumbles upon Evie on his way to Haven.  Craig tries to help her by telling her that he knows someone that can help. But before he can call Damek to come to the rescue Evie attacks him.  Unable to stop feeding in time she almost kills him and Evie being desperate to save him feeds Craig some of her blood.  In doing so she accidently turns him into a vampire.

Now what are they going to do?  As Craig comes around days later and now a vampire, he calls his BFF Damek to help them.  Damek takes the new vamps under his roof and trains them as best he can to help them survive in the world.

The old vampire Vlad is still trying to get his Evie back but once he does he is going to kill her for leaving him.  With Vlad searching for Evie, the new couple has to stay hidden as best they can.  And with Vlad being so careless and leaving dead bodies all over the city he has also attracted Vampire Hunters who are out for their heads, literally.

Craig worries that his family and friends will not accept him with his new life of being a vampire.  Evie has trouble forgiving herself for changing Craig’s life forever and with accepting Craig’s love for her.  Craig comes to terms with his vampire status and is learning his abilities along the way.  Together with friends and family they will need to defeat Vlad, be accepted, and Evie forgiven.

With Damek’s guidance and his family’s acceptance everything falls into place.

I have truly loved each and every one of the books in the Legacy series thus far and will continue reading this series until the very end.


Happy Reading!


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