Review: Oddily by Linda Pohring

Oddily (Oddily - Book #1)
by Linda Pohring
Kindle Edition, 262 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

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There are three things the shy, awkward Oddily knows for sure.
She would rather be anyone other than herself…
She wants to fit in at school…
And strange things are happening to her.
For Oddily, she tries to keep an open mind…
But what she discovers is too unbelievable to think about…
Too magical too consider, and too dangerous to ignore.
Oddily becomes trapped in an adventure like no other.

From the 1st page you are pulled into Oddily's world. You feel sorry for her & want to help and protect her. You fall in love with this sweet, beautiful, innocent girl who just wants to be loved. Her foster sister is a horrible person with an ugly soul that just lives to torment Oddily. 

When Oddily meets Maxium her world changes for the better but can she trust it. Is he just there to trick her? Maxium's world changes in a positive light as well in a lot of ways because of Oddily but it also puts him and his sister Nexa in a lot of danger. Their existence must stay a secret and helping Oddily means they are no longer a secret.

The ending of this story is a cliff hanger so of course I have already downloaded the next book in the series. I hope everything turns out alright for Oddily, Nexa, & Maxium.

Rating: 5 STARS

Happy Reading!


  1. Very nice review, Kami! I downloaded this as an Amazon freebie, yet have been too busy to get to it.

  2. Yes it was very different and interesting. Very good imagination. I read the 1st 2 books in the series thus far. I need to get the 3rd one. I think it is out now.


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