ARC Review: On The Scene (FaithGirlz #2) by Robin Caroll

ARC Review: On The Scene by Robin Caroll

ARC Copy: On The Scene (Faithgirlz #2)
By Robin Caroll

Published by Zondervan

A new addition to the Faithgirlz trusted brand of books, Samantha Sanderson is a modern, resourceful 7th grader who enjoys shopping, texting, skating---and sniffing out the next big mystery to report in the school paper. In the second book of the series, On the Scene, Sam and her tech-savvy BFF Makayla are investigating a string of bullying attacks against their frenemy, Nikki.

Hey Guys, 
I have an interesting review for you today! I don't usually read middle grade books, and the book I am reviewing today is one. I review books for BookLook blogger. It is Through Harper Collins Christian Publishing. I picked this book for a few reasons. 
1. My daughter started reading recently and I know its a while down the road but I wanted to get a feel of what kind of books are being written for kids this age, because I really hope she gets the reading bug!
2. This book particular book is about bullying and we all know how bad bullying can be. 
3. This is a Christian book which does not mean it is filled with Christian things, it just means the book has values and little lessons, like treat other's how you want to be treated kind of things. 

This book stars Samantha Sanderson who is a cheerleader and she is also a writer for the school newspaper. Samantha's big dream is to become a Famous Journalist like her mother. With a Police man as a father her stories are never lacking!

So Samantha gets assigned to write the story Dangers of Football. For this particular article she interviews a boy on the football team named Jefferson (Who recently broke his leg playing). Jefferson is the brother of one of Samantha's frenemies named Nikki. While Sam is at Jefferson's house Nikki receives a note on her door step saying "NIKKI COLE IS FAT" Sam talks to Jefferson about getting his parents involved with the police to find out who is doing it because bullying is a serious problem in young kids. 

This is a really cute book with some great values and a good little mystery going on! I liked Sam A lot and I will probably be picking up book 1 very soon. Sam is A lot more mature as a 7th grader than most characters I read in YA books, She has a really good head on her shoulders, and She is someone I wouldn't mind my kids looking up to when reading a book.

This book probably isn't for everyone, I probably would have never picked this book up if I didn't have kids (This is one I will probably read to them when they start school so they are aware of bullying), but I am very glad I did because it was a fun little read!

I Received This novel From Booklook Blogger in exchange for an honest review, All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. I hope your daughters will enjoy the books!


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