ARC Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

We Were Liars
E. Lockhart
Kindle Edition240 pages
Expected publication: May 13th 2014 by Delacorte Press 

A beautiful and distinguished family.A private island.A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.A revolution. An accident. A secret.Lies upon lies.True love.The truth. We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart. 
Read it.And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.

We Were Liars probably has one of the vaguest synopsis you will EVER find. When you are looking up reviews to find out what this book is about you will probably get the same spill I am about to give you.

It's just best if I don't tell you anything about the book. If I did, I would probably ruin this book for you, and I can't do that. But I can tell you this: Even though the writing style was not for me in the least bit (It is written in short choppy sentences), this I felt was A really good book. I closed the book looked at my husband and told him "Chris this book just totally blew my mind" I really loved it.

Now when I say the book is written in Short choppy sentences, refer back to the synopsis: A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.True love.The truth.
   ^^^^^  That is really how most of this book is written. Now I dislike that, but at the same time, I kind of like it because it just seems to make the book go by much faster for me. And Believe me I couldn't get to the end fast enough (Yes I was actually sad when I got there, I didn't want this to end)

The book is slow, at times it seems to drag on, and sometimes We Were Liars is just as vague as the synopsis. Do I still like this book HECK YES!!! Why?!?!?! I can't tell you. But it really is a beautiful story based on Love, Family, and Friendship.

Now if you read this book and you totally want to have a book talk with me on it
Hit me up on Goodreads or Email me @ because I am dying to have someone to talk to about with this book!

We Were Liars is unique and I really recommend it.


  1. That's conflicting emotion is how I felt about Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar. I was so happy to get a copy direct from the author. It was one of those Australia only titles. I felt so special initially, but by the end, utterly confused. I’m sure it’s one of those I will have to read a second time.

    1. I think this is one you would really like. Especially if you like contemporary


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