Review: Our Souls to Keep by Gary Caruso

Our Souls to Keep
by Gary Caruso
Kindle Edition, 288 pages
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After seventeen-year-old Wake Reynolds agrees to trade his life to prevent the damaged soul of his suicidal mother from the fiery tortures of Hell, Satan strips him of his humanity and forces him to become a demonic collector of souls. With no memory of his human existence, Wake preys on defenseless teenagers until they willingly end their own lives.
After many years of loyal service, something inside Wake is changing. Images of a forgotten life, lost human emotions begin to emerge. As Wake struggles to keep these new sensations hidden, Satan orders him to corrupt the soul of a pregnant girl, Annemarie. Beautiful, gentle Annemarie. From the moment Wake sees her, she brings lightness to his blackened heart. If he chooses to defy Satan and spare the lives of Annemarie and her unborn child, his mother’s soul will writhe in Hell’s deepest pit for eternity. Annemarie or his mother? It’s a choice no one should have to make.

Please keep in mind this is not a book that I would normally choose to read.  Gary Caruso contacted me via Goodreads and asked if I would review this for him.  I am glad that he did.  While I was not drawn into this story like I am usually, I found myself really loving the main character Wake.

In this storyline it seems that demons are all fallen angels.  But Wake is special because he was human once. So he is a hybrid human/demon.  Wake has had his humanity striped to make him a better soul collector. Wake collects souls of suicides and feeds on the energy/life force of the dead.

Satan gives Wake a very important assignment that will change him.  He must collect the soul of a pregnant 17 year old, Annmarie.  Annmarie has no plans to take her own life and it is up to Wake to persuade her to do so.  If she commits suicide her and her babies soul will belong to HELL.  If she dies another way her and babies soul belong to HEAVEN.  The task is clear, but when Satan gives Wake part of his humanity back clear becomes complicated.

Wake falls for Annmarie and has been asked to protector her by an Angel.  Wake must decide what is best for Annmarie, the baby and his chard soul.

When Wake decides to save Annmarie together they must fight an army of demons just to seek sanctuary.  Lots of humans and demons will die before this ends.

Do you want to know which side wins Annmarie's soul?


Happy Reading!


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