Buying Books: Amazon Vs. Bookstore

Hey Everyone, Happy Monday!
I decided to write this posting based on something that happened to me this weekend and in the past as well.
It is no Secret that I buy books, A Lot of books. In may Alone I think I bought about 10-15 books. I buy my books either online @ or at my local bookstore The book Spot.

I decided to give you my own personal Pros and Cons of Amazon vs The Book Store. First the back story! This past week I ordered 4 books on Amazon 2 of them were supposed to be delivered to me on Sunday (Yeah, the USPS really does ship priority packages on Sunday. I didn't know either) Anyways I went online after checking my mail 3x (Yes, I was highly anticipating these books) and my packages said they were DELIVERED! What?!?!?! I hadn't received any packages they must be mistaken. I called my post office and the worse possible thing happened. They have no Idea where my packages are. Now If this were the first time this has happened to me I would understand, BUT this is the 6th YES, I said 6th package they lost of mine. How the heck do they lose 6 packages in a 3 month period? Now I understand this personally isn't amazon's issue but it is something that can happen when ordering online. So this my friends is why I have decided to write this posting for you.

Pros of buying from Amazon:
  • You can browse between new and used books (Sometimes you can find books for .01 cent plus shipping)
  • If you have amazon prime you get free shipping!
  • Amazon Price matches
  • From experience Amazon customer service is GREAT. Anytime I have lost a package or a book has been damaged they have been quick to send me a replacement or refund me if the book was from a seller.
  • They have a bargain/deal section and sometimes the deals are Excellent. I got bloodlines new for $2.00 with Prime shipping because a seller had accidentally over ordered the book. 
  • Pre-order Option (this can also be a con check #2 in Cons)
Cons of Buying From Amazon:
  • The possibility of a book being lost or misdelivered 
  • Waiting for a highly anticipated book to be shipped can be nerve racking. Sometimes If you pre-order a book it does not Come to you on the date it comes out. Once I pre-ordered a Book I didn't receive it for 2 weeks after the date it was released UGH
  • You don't get the warmth of a bookstore and the availability to browse and smell rows and rows of books
  • No personal contact with the bookstore owners
  • I like getting personal recommendations from my bookstore owner and with Amazon you only get their automated recommendations.
  • I once had a seller who didn't send my book and when amazon tried getting a hold of them they couldn't so they just refunded me my money. That's probably my worse experience it was a whole ordeal and I had to file like 3 different forms and it was just overwhelming.

Pros of buying from a Bookstore/Local bookstore:
  • You get the your book the same day
  • you get the opportunity to browse shelves and just surround yourself with books
  • you get one on one personal contact with the owners (I LOVE my local bookstore owners, heck I even know their anniversary and they sold me my car)
  • At my local bookstore I can browse new and used books. If you shop at Barnes and Nobles they usually have a clearance section or specials on books
  • The local bookstore I shop at holds author signings so if I miss it I can go in and ALWAYS find their books autographed. 
  • I can turn in books I've read and get credits toward my next book purchase
  • some book stores like Half Price and my local bookstore have a clearance section and you can find books between .50cents and $1.00. Every hard back I own and I own around 50 I have gotten for 1 dollar. I think I have paid full price for 2 and that's because I absolutely had to have them when they first came out.
  • My personal bookstore holds these sidewalk sales and they give you bags and what you do is fill up the bag with as many books as you can and its 5 bucks (A lot of places in the US have book sales you just have to find them I will link the website here Book Sale Finder in your state)
Cons of Buying From a Bookstore:
  • Most bookstores don't do price match so sometimes your stuck buying a book full price
  • Sometimes if you live in a smaller town they don't have a bookstore so you have to travel 30miles to find one.
  • There are times the bookstore doesn't have what you want in stock :( (now at a local bookstore you can ask them to order the book for it and they usually will, At Barnes and Noble the book has to be in demand for them to order a book. Half price will usually check all their stores for you to check and see if they have it in stock)

Yes, even though I have had these experiences with Amazon I still go back, but ONLY because I have amazon Prime and get free shipping. I usually do 93% of my book shopping at my local bookstore.

OK everyone so these are my opinions from personal experience. If anyone has any opinions or experiences with either Amazon or a Bookstore please feel free to chime in. I would love to hear your own personal experiences with either one.


  1. i do both, i shop in numerous stores depending on the best offer, and i tend to buy kindle books from amazon, occasionally a hardback if its a good deal

    em xxx x

  2. My favorite online source for books is The Book Depository. They ALWAYS have free International shipping. They don't always have the best price, but they're perfect for International giveaways. I sure wish I knew about Amazon price matching. I've bought books that I knew I could get cheaper elsewhere from them all for convenience. One thing that I didn't know before was that Amazon could refund an E-book/audio book. One of my book club members told me that after I complained about hating our monthly novel selection. So I’m going to try that today so I can use my Audible monthly credit on something worth my money.

    Thanks for sharing. It's good to rant and rave every once in a while. Let it all out, you know. This post has been very informative!

    1. Oh yeah, The only con about TBD is their shipping sometimes take forever and a day.

    2. I learned you could return ebooks because I have amazon buy with one click on my tablet and my daughter did just that, almosy 45 dollars in ebooks. Thank goodness for being able to return them!
      Ive never done book depository, but I have done Book Outlet and I like their scratch and dent section a lot.

      Just a fun fact best buy also does price match, there was a case for 80 dollars I wanted showed them on amazon it was 30 and got it for that price.

  3. I do a lot of buying on amazon. I don't have a lot of bookstores. I have a couple used bookstores but neither have the books I want when I'm in there and books a million (our only big bookstore) is too dang expensive. :-/ I also mostly purchase kindle books though over a physical copy.

    1. I dont know if you know, but books a million is another bookstore that online they have a bargain section and their shipping is really quick. I really want to like kindle books, but honestly the only reason I have a tablet/kindle is so I can read netgalley books, there is just something about a physical book that my ebooks cant replace. Butttt when it comes to prices I love kindle books (I got city of heavenly fore for 13.99)

  4. JUST MY 2 CENTS- I love books, the feel of them and the smell of the library most non-book lovers hate. I love that stuff. But I have to say I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my KINDLE. I look for books on Amazon and very rarely buy a physical book anymore. I have very bad eyesight and the Kindle makes it very easy for me to read with the options of font and sizes. My eyes do not feel as tired either. I work on the computer at work for about 9 hours and also at home for another 2 or 3, so my eyes get very tired.

    I was in love the Borders before I bought my Kindle but now the only large chain left is Barnes and Noble which I tolerate. There was a cute little used bookstore that my Mom found and I really liked it for the fact that you could turn in books for credit, however I usually gave my books to my Mom for the credit and did not like that there was no real organization to the store with a easy to find system. They are now out of business and my mother is disappointed.

    I will go to Target, Books A Millon, and Barnes and Noble to just roam through the books and I love to do that because most of the time a lot of books will catch my eye and I write down the name and author to look up on Amazon for my Kindle purchase. Yes, I walk around with a notepad and pen and take notes. I probably look like a crazy book lady but it is a great way to get ideas for your TBR list.

    1. Lol, I do the same thing Kami! I walk around my bookstore, half price, hastings, and barnes and nobles with my little spread sheet and I add books, once I add them I go to goodreads and check ratings and summarys. My husband makes fun of me because when Im sick or down I will go to book outlet or books a million or amazon browse books then add them to my cart, then do absolutrly nothing about it I just let them sit in my cart.

    2. If you have a smartphone, just download the GoodReads app. It allows you to scan the barcode of a book and it'll pull up the ratings and reviews. That's what I use at the bookstore.

    3. Alyn Yang, I was just about to say the exact same thing! I always use the barcode on the GoodReads app too.

    4. I do have the goodreads app on my tablet and my phone, but I would drive my husband crazy going to every book I like scanning it seeing the rating then reading the summary then adding it. So when I see a book I write it down and do all the work at home. Im a SAHM so sometimes it actually gives me something to do with my day

  5. I will have to download that app. I think that would be a really good tool for book lovers.

  6. I live in the Caribbean so the only books I order from Amazon are ebooks, if I want a non-US cover or a book not available in the US I order from Bookdepository the book takes a month to reach me but the customer service is great. For all other book buys I go to my local book store. If they don't have the book I can order through them and it usually takes a week to arrive and I only pay for the price of the book itself :).


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