Review: A Moment by Marie Hall

A Moment (Moments - Book #1)
by Marie Hall
Kindle Edition, Ebook
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A Moment...I killed myself tonight.Or at least I tried. But a woman I do not know refused to let me die. Liliana Delgado wrapped me up in her slim arms and told me things would be okay. But she doesn't know the demons I live with. The things that have happened to me. Every morning is a struggle just to get out of bed and the nights are even worse. But the way she smiles at me... I feel something I've never felt before.Hope.
...will change our lives...I shouldn't have gone to that burlesque bar on Valentine's Day, but I did. My life isn't easy. I had a child when I was fourteen, now I'm in college and things should have been easier. But they aren't. My life is spiraling out of control. Then I see Ryan Cosgrove sitting at a table with an empty, broken look in his beautiful blue eyes and something inside of me feel like he knows. He understands what it is to hurt, to struggle. So when I bump into him later that night, bloody, broken, and dying I know I'll do everything in my power to save him and maybe in the process, I'll save myself too.forever...

At the age of 14 Lili has her whole life ahead of her and her dad has it all mapped out for her. But when Lili's Freshman year crush gets her pregnant at 14 her dad loses a part of himself. Lili's mother is diagnosed with MS this same year. Her father cannot deal with this a walks away 4 years later. Now Lili Delgado is a 21 year old single mother of a 7 year old autistic boy (Javi). She is a bartender at the Pink Lady at night, goes to college in the day to get her nursing degree, and has a dying mother and an autistic boy to care for. Needless to say she has her hands full.

Her mother Tina feels bad that Lili must have all of this responsibility on her shoulders at 21. She wants Lili to get out and have some fun. But Lili is short on friends so when Alex the coffeehouse guy who always makes her drink perfect asks her out for a NON date Valentine's Day she excepts. She does not have feelings for Alex in a romantic way and after the 1st time he asked her out and she told him that she has an autistic son he has not tried to be romantic with her. So they are friends who will go out and have a good time together.

Ryan Cosgrove is a troubled man. He was honorably discharged from the Marines and is now an MMA fighter. He is also Alex's roommate and cousin. At 18 he tried to kill his Uncle John and after hearing the reasons why his parents called him a liar and kicked him to the curb. They never wanted a child anyway so what did they care. After visiting the hospital and getting stitched up he joined the marines to try to run from the demons that come for him every night. They have been coming for him since he was 10 years old. Only Alex knows and believes the truth but they never talk about it.

Valentine's Day is the worst day for Ryan and the only day he drinks himself stupid. Alex agrees to go out with Ryan, he always does but this year Lili is going with them. After trying to engage Ryan in a conversation during the evening Lili basically gives up trying with Ryan. She is strangely drawn to him and she was instantly attracted to him. She thinks to herself why HIM why not ALEX. Alex is handsome and kind and caring but NO she is attracted to Ryan. The moment Ryan meets Lili he wants her but he knows that Alex is into this girl she he tries to be NOT INTERESTED. It's early when they decide to go back to the guys place and hang out.

Lili has a bad feeling about Ryan while he is in the shower and when she checks on him she is horrified at what she sees. A beautiful, broken, bloody, and dying man lying in the shower. He has tried to kill himself.

Lili should not care about this her life is a spiraling out of control freight train as it is. Adding Ryan even as a friend to that mess will just make it all harder. But she feels that she has to help Ryan. This is what is calling to her right now, right here. Ryan sees and Angel trying to save him. Lili is giving him hope. Ryan cannot deal with these demons alone and has to share this burden but he cannot put this on Lili. As there relationship progresses from friendship to love he does not want her to worry. She has Javi and her Mom to worry about. But Lili loves Ryan too and will worry until her tells her the secret that wakes him up every night in a cold sweat.

The romance novels I usually read are a bit more racy than this particular series. But I really enjoyed it and the two main characters relationship progression. I love that Lili told Ryan that he has to take it slow with her. That having a kid at 14 made her a different person. I like that Ryan respects her enough not to push for any of the physical stuff beyond kissing. And he waits for months before anything beyond kissing will happen. So for anyone thinking there will be lots of sex in this book you will be disappointed. Except for the 1st sex scene which was very PG13 there is really not much talk of the actual act of sex itself. I love that Lili is so strong and tries so hard to be there for Ryan and she knows when she must stop putting herself through the torture of caring for someone that cannot trust her to help him or even talk to her so that she can take some of the burden from him. I think most people will not only feel bad for Ryan and see strength in Lili but also will fall in love with Alex. Alex tries so hard to make Ryan talk about what happened when he was little. He tries to tell him that Lili will walk away or he will need to walk away if Ryan cannot tell her the truth behind the nightmares. And even though it is a total "Bromance" you do feel Alex's love for Ryan and his well being.

I am moving on to "Right Now" Book #2 in the series.

Rating: 4 STARS

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