Review: Right Now by Marie Hall

Right Now (Moments - Book #2)
by Marie Hall
Kindle Edition, 237 pages
ISBN13: 9781012548734
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Sometimes in life....
Things were supposed to get better when Ryan met Lili. I was supposed to move on, get a life... but I'm stuck and lost. Things with my father are not good. There are demons in our closet, big ones. Ones I want to kill him for, I'm seeing a shrink, I'm trying to get better... but my life feels out of control, like I'm a raft adrift on the sea. I don't know where to look, how to get anchored again, and then I meet Zoe Stone. Something about her draws me out of my rut, makes me laugh for real, smile, and for the first time in years I want to be more. But what will she think when she discovers who I really am?
...all we have...
When Alexander Donovan, aka The Golden Adonis, walks into my tattoo parlor, I know I'll do anything to make that man mine. There's an instant connection, a need to know more about him. Everything about him. But there's also a mystery surrounding the guy, when people look at him they only see the man that laughs, that cracks jokes and makes the world think that everything's okay, but I see the truth... I see the darkness that lurks so deep inside few would ever recognize it. I want to help him, I want to be with him, now I just have to make him trust me enough to let me in.
Is Right Now
I leaned my head back and thought about the boy who was no longer really a boy.
Alex was a man.And a tall, really tall, one at that.
The moment I’d seen him walk through the door, my heart had constricted. Painfully. It’d taken me a second to catch my breath. I’d dreamed about him all through high school, watched as he took one girl after another out around town.I doubted he remembered the girl working the popcorn counter at the theater, but every weekend there was always a new girl on his arm, a new girl kissing him and rubbing her horny little body all over his, and it was a miracle my teeth hadn’t become filed points as much as I’d ground them together.
And maybe it shouldn’t surprise me that he didn’t have a clue who I was; I no longer looked even remotely similar to the girl who’d graduated valedictorian of J.J. Baines High.
My fingers twitched as I remembered the feel of his body in my fist. He was big, and so damn hard my thighs had trembled.Fire and static and electricity and whatever other chemical combustion had detonated inside me. I’d gone from zero to horny in two seconds the moment he’d walked in.
His hair had glinted so many different shades of blond, from white to burnished bronze, and all I wanted to do was touch it, run my fingers through it, wondering all the while if it was as soft as it'd looked. 
One look into eyes that made me think of a sky right after a storm and I could no longer control myself.

Alex is a little lost since Ryan found Lili. Granted Alex is happy for Ryan but also a little jealous. Lili is an amazing girl and Alex needs that in his life. Alex does not know it yet but a confusing fortune cookie is about to change his world.

Zoe has had a crush on Alex since high school. She doubts that Alex would even remember her. Zoe was a Sophomore when Alex was a senior but Alex stared in many of Zoe's dreams, even now he is the #1 leading man in Zoe's fantasies. So Zoe is shocked when Alex takes a walk on the wild side and steps into the tattoo shop she pierces at. Alex is not sure what to do and he finds himself thinking about getting a piercing just because he must get this girls name. With only a Z to figure out this mystery girl Alex tries to figure out how Z knows him.

Now Zoe and Jaime run into Alex again at the coffee shop. This must be fate. After Zoe takes a chance on Alex and Alex finally gets her to reveal who she really is they take a chance together and embark on a relationship.

Alex struggles with telling Zoe the truth about his father and what happened with Ryan. He is trying to take his own advise and just be honest but now Alex understands the struggle that Ryan faced with Lili and the truth coming out. The feelings of shame, betrayal and disgust are at the surface.

I love Zoe. She is spunky, colorful, brutally honest, bold, and shy all rolled up into one essentially styled tatted up 5'9" Asian chick. How could anyone not love Zoe.

We saw the same struggle with Ryan in book #1 with the truth about John and the incident so I felt kind of a deja vu happening there. I understand that the discussion needed to take place between Zoe and Alex but I feel that it could have gone smoother this time around. I like the therapist and the scene where the therapist is basically yelling at Alex to just tell the truth and set his demons free was awesome. As a reader I kind of figured out that Alex's struggle would be different from Ryan's of course but I also knew what Alex was feeling.  How could any human not feel the same way in the given situation. The Bromance again between Ryan and Alex is great. Ryan is not in this book a lot but he is there whenever you see Alex need his support.

Alex's transition to go off on his own is inevitable and we see him struggle with moving out, going back to school, and figuring out the rest of his life.  And of course the issue with Zoe's parents acceptance of Alex and hopefully one day their acceptance of Zoe's choices as well.


Happy Reading!


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