Review: This Time by Marie Hall

This Time (Moments - Book #3)
by Marie Hall
Kindle Edition, 257 pages 
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A phone call that changed our lives...
I've lived my life in a daze, trying to save someone hell bent on destruction. But when my phone rings and I'm told that Angel, my on again off again boyfriend has OD'd for the second time in two years, I'm so numb. So tired. So when Tor Boler, the sexy Norwegian and drummer of Fok asks me to stay with him, I stay. We were friends and I needed to be held. To be loved. It was just supposed to be one night of reckless passion. One night where I could forget how screwed up my life had become.
...a night of passion with far reaching consequences
I've wanted Jamie Sullivan since the day she walked through my tattoo shop eight years ago. There's a soulfulness to her blue eyes that reminds me of the arctic fjords of home. She calls to me. There's only one problem standing in our way- Angel Romero. I want her, and she wants me too, she just doesn't realize it yet.
This time... we'll get it right.

Book #3 of the Moments series

Tor & Jamie's Story.......

Tor has loved Jamie for years, he has never touched her, kissed her, or made love to her but he has loved her.

Jamie has been in a toxic relationship with Angel for 9 years. They were high school sweethearts but 2 months after graduation and a horrible car accident Angel is a different person. He turned into a cheating, drug addicted, heartless man. Jaime and Angel have not been intimate in over a year and they are not in a relationship but Jamie keeps trying to fix Angel hoping that one day the boy she fell in love with will resurface. Jamie knows it is a lost cause when she is told for the 3rd time that Angel is in the ER. He was in a car accident and was found with another girl.

Jamie cannot do this anymore and runs into Tor at the club she was supposed to meet Angel at. Tor will not let her go home alone, she needs a friend and he needs to tell her how he feels. After a night of passion together Jaime feels guilty with Angel being in a coma but she still knows the right decision is to leave Angel.

Tor figures that Jaime will call him if she needs him and tells her he would like to be friends if nothing else. Jamie accepts that but knows that she might want more with Tor.

As a couple Jamie and Tor struggle with Angel's family, Angel's problems, Jamie's parents and oh yeah one other problem they need to figure out but no spoiler on this one.

I think this one was my favorite of the series. I am getting a little tired of all the secrets, abuse, and dark pasts. Everyone has kind of jumped on the Fifty Shades wagon. Even though I did LOVE that series everything I read does not have to be a twisted telling of that story. I like that this was refreshing. I love Tor and his dedication to Jaime. I love him for his honesty, kindness and love that he has for everyone. Tor is a really awesome and refreshing character.

Rating: 4 STARS

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