ARC Review: (Once) Again (Again #2) by Theresa Paolo

(Once) Again (Again #2)
by Theresa Paolo 
e-book, 217 pages
Published June 17th 2014 by InterMix - Berkely Penguin Group USA
New Adult
Copy Provided by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

Josh will have to reconcile his past…
In order to make Kat his future.
After surviving a real-life nightmare, Josh Wagner is sent home from his dream college on crutches. Bedridden and tormented by flashbacks, he’s just seen his world shattered and his baseball scholarship go up in smoke. Josh’s family hires a health aide to help take care of him, but when he opens the door, the last person he expects to see is his biggest regret…
Katherine Singleton is the only girl Josh has ever loved. Now, even though she’s only taking care of him because it’s her job, Josh is determined to win her back. But Kat had to move on after their breakup two years ago, and despite her feelings for Josh, a lot has happened since he left…
When Kat’s past comes back to haunt her, Josh decides it’s his turn to take care of her. But protecting her—and redeeming himself—will put Josh in the line of fire again. Will he survive this time?

It is Summer time and what better way to celebrate summer than with cute contemporary romances? If you have been following my reviews, I'm on a huge contemporary NA Romance kick. In the past I had been really let down by NA because of all the books filled with nothing but sex scenes and bad story lines, but lately I have been finding some really good ones and it just makes me so happy! 

***Beware there are minor spoilers beyond this point, but ONLY because I know some people have triggers when reading and I want them to be well aware of two of the situations we deal with in this book.***

Once Again is a bit more on the heavier side. Meaning, while it is cute and fluffy we do have some series issues that are dealt with (After math of a school shooting and a psycho stalker)

Josh is a 20 yr old college student riding on a full baseball scholarship. Life is great for him, parties, girls, and baseball. Everything changes on one fatal day when the college he attends experiences something tragic and Josh ends up getting shot. After the shooting he goes home and his family ends up hiring a Home Health Aide. When Josh answers the door, his first love from 2 years ago standing there! Kat is a lovely girl who has experienced Tragedies of her own. Her mother died of cancer shortly after Josh left for college, she had to raise her little brother on her own, and any dreams of going to college were swept out from under her. 

Josh is adorable. He just spills out this charm whenever he talks. You can definitely tell he is that kind of guy who no matter what situation they are in no one is a stranger and they make life fun! He is a bit arrogant, but in such a humble way it's actually cute. I definitely swooned a few times myself. 

Kat is excellent! She is strong, independent, and yet still such a caring person. I love her. She is jsut really the total package of a lead female. She is sweet yet she will still give it to you straight. I love a woman who doesn't mince words and gets right to the point. 

The plot and story are great, the writing style flows. My only complaint was how short the book was :( 
I wanted so much, but for this book being only 217 pages we got a Great story and it was wrapped up very neatly. I'm one of those who always wants to see a little more of the characters in the end. I want to know what ended up happening to them and such. 

I laughed a lot and I cried A lot, I can't even deny it, I was full on sobbing like a baby. Some were happy tears some and some were sad tears. The emotions in this book were so real and so raw. The author did a fabulous job and I can't wait to check out more of her books!


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