ARC Review: Strange And Ever After (Something Strange And Deadly #3) by Susan Dennard: Trilogy Mash-up Review

ARC Review: Strange And Ever After (Something Strange And Deadly #3) Trilogy Mash-up Review by Susan Dennard

Something Strange and Deadly Trilogy
By Susan Dennard
Source: I bought book 1 and 2 
Book 3 was sent to me as an ARC From HaperTeen in exchange for an honest review


Synopsis for Something Strange and Deadly Click Here
Synopsis for Darkness Strange and Lovely Click Here
Synopsis for Strange and Ever After Click Here

Above I left a Synopsis for each book. The links will lead you to Goodreads *If you have not read the 1st book do not click the synopsis of the second book because there are spoilers in Darkness Strange and Lovely's synopsis*

I'm not going to go into too much detail about book 2 and 3 because if you haven't read book 1 it will totally spoil you for everything.... So, basically I am going to tell you my thoughts on this series, whether I recommend it or not and give you a brief summary of book 1.

So in book 1 we are introduced to Eleanor Fitt of the Pittsburgh Fitts. Eleanor lives with her mother whom is just impossible, a very unlikable woman who wants Eleanor to marry at 16 to a wealthy man (Eleanors father had gone insane, lost his job, his friends, and ultimately he ended up dying, so the Fitts are running out of money which is why her mom is so persistent on her getting married). On top of all that stress the dead has risen and her brother is missing. Eleanor suspects that the dead have her brother, but she has to go undercover to figure it all out because her mom would go ballistic and lose her mind if she found out her son was missing and Eleanor was on a hunt for him.

So with book 1 I was left with A lot of questions and those questions were not answered which was a little frustrating. EX: How long have the dead been rising? Is this new if so why isn't it a bigger deal?
In book 1 the Zombies or what they call the dead, rise and yes people are frantic, but they also go on about their daily life as soon as they are out of danger. So at times the dead didn't feel very scary to me, they were actually kind of a joke. This with a mix of other unanswered questions left me with mix feelings, But in book 2 and 3 things get much better and the danger is really kicked up a notch and just way more action packed. so if after book 1 you don't really feel like continuing this series, I really recommend giving book 2 a chance because it gets way better!

I really enjoyed the Victoria era of these novels. I mean look at those covers... The dresses are amazing and getting to hear about them in the book, I just wanted to play dress up. I was so meant to live in that time. Now Eleanor calls herself MissFit because in the books, she doesn't really feel she fits in with the people and such. She doesn't act like a typical lady of the time, she is always getting into trouble, sneaking around, and causing some kind of mischief, but it makes the books that much more fun.

I think my absolute favorite part out of all the books is watching the characters grow. In each book Eleanor comes into herself  as a woman and really gains a ton of wisdom it is beautiful to watch. Honestly I wasn't going to read past book 1 because of the way Eleanor was, but by the end of Something Strange and deadly I really did enjoy her and I'm glad I continued this series.

Now All I have left to say is WHO ENDS A TRILOGY THIS WAY!!!!!! I was so upset, I was crying. No I'm not telling you why you are going to have to read the books for yourself to find out, and if you do you will understand why. I still can't think about the ending without a few tears slipping down :(

All in all I really recommend this series. It is fun, fast paced, and these books will keep you on your toes (thats for sure). Now, I don't recommend this series if your looking for a scary zombie read. Honestly look else where, because I think these are way more entertaining than scary. 


  1. I'm getting this book in the mail today, and I'm not sure I want to read the end now, hahaha. But at the same time I'm super curious to see what could upset you that much. We'll see how I feel about it. Great review!

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  2. Lol when you read it and review send me a link, I am VERY interested in hearing your thoughts! Such a good series though probably one my top ten faves

  3. I LOVE the covers for this series! Have you read Dearly Departed? Is this series anything like that?

    1. hmmm, I read Dearly departed a few years back and I actually had to stop it. I was not into the whole zombie love interest thing lol. I want to say the only real similarities are that there are zombies. If I recall Dearly departed was steampunk and took place in the future but had a Victoria era feel while also having some modern technology. Something Strange And Deadly series is actually taken back in the true Victoria era. I do think you would like these though.

  4. I am very intrigued. Thanks for your review and I want to really read how this trilogy ends.

    1. That ending.... SMH.....
      It was truly an unexpected ending. If you end up reading this series let me know your thoughts on it!


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