Opening Ceremony #NovelFashionWeek featuring @CrisSerruya

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

Welcome Beautiful People!
Thank you so much for joining me in my second edition of the book & fashion mass event, Novel Fashion Week!

What is Novel Fashion Week?
Novel Fashion Week is my rendition of Fashion Week with the incorporation of books!
This event will last one week. It will allow YA & NA authors the outlet to display the fashionable qualities of their novels. Each author will be a brand or fashion house, and their post topic will be their collection. There will be a door prize giveaway with each post !
Each designated location pays homage to either a fashion capital of the world or another prominent fashion week city. Metaphorically speaking. We won't actually go to these places. Oh and there may even be runway music!

So without further ado, let Novel Fashion Week Begin!

Opening Ceremony & Schedule:

Novel Fashion Week · Schedule
Each designated location pays humage to either a fashion capital of the world 
or another prominent fashion week city. Metaphorically specking. We won't actually go to these places.

DAY 1 - {INTRODUCTION} Monday, 9/1 (12a)

Opening Ceremony w/ Door Prize Giveaway: 
Special Guest:  Cristiane Serruya
@Milky Way

Monday, 9/1 (12p)
House of Shonna Slayton
Collection: Mix of 1940s fashion
@ New York City (((Red Carpet)))

 DAY 2 -
Tuesday, 9/2 (12a)
House of Joanne Kershaw
Collection: Elora & Aaron on the vanguard training uniform
@ London

Tuesday, 9/2 (12p)
House of Kate Jarvik Birch
Collection: Fashions inspired by scenes in the novel, PERFECTED.
@ Paris

DAY 3 -
Wednesday, 9/3 (12a)
House of Kristen Taber
Collection: Kingdom Couture: Fashion for Villains and Monsters
@ Copenhagen

Wednesday, 8/3  (6a)
House of Karri Thompson
Collection: Fashion inspired by themes in the novel, MIRROR X.
@ Australia

Wednesday, 9/3  (12p)
House of Rae Lori
Collection: Fashion of the Ashen Twilight Houses
@ Bangalore

DAY 4 - Thursday, 9/4 (12a)
House of Danielle E. Shipley
Collection: A cosplay within a cosplay inspired by a story within a story
@ Berlin

DAY 5 -
Friday, 9/5 (12p)
House of Katie Delahanty
Collection: Lingerie by Olivia Bloom
@ Los Angeles

DAY 6 - Saturday, 9/6 (12a)
House of Elizabeth Corrigan
Collection: 50s fashion
@ Madrid

DAY 7 - Sunday, 9/7 (12a)
House of Kaitlin Bevis
Collection: Fashion do's and don'ts of the Underworld-- Brought to you by Cassandra
@ Lahore

DAY 8 - Monday, 9/8 (ALL DAY)
Fashion Week Closing Party/ Official After Party
Special Guest:  House of Robin Constantine
Collection: 50s fashion
@ Cyberspace

Special Guest...
Novel Fashion Week- day 7
For me it was amazing creating a character who loves fashion like I do. And Sophia is a lucky girl, since she has money to buy everything she wants. If you are not like her, you can also dress yourself with beautiful things without spending so much. Just take a look in the references she asked me to show you.

Sophia is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but moved to London after she lost her first husband. Two places with such diferent weather gave her the gift of knowing how to dress well in each ocasion. If you are from a sunny place, bet on pieces of clothes that can give you a fresh look. And if your city has strong winters like London, you should enjoy the elegance of the heavy garments.

Sophia have suffered too much. Now she likes to wear coloful clothes so she can add some joy into her life. And I think she is doing it pretty well. What you think about her choices?

And do you know she got married with her second husband on August 7th? Now I want to hear about you: Who do you think Sophia got married with? One thind is certain: we are waiting to see her dress.

Hope you all have a life full of fashion.
The Collection

Untitled #1

Sem título #2

Sem título #3

Untitled #4
Trust: A New Beginning
A small excerpt about the costumes for the Venice Doge’s Ball

The butler announced Signora Marconi and she suddenly flooded the airy living room along with four assistants. In their arms, the two women and two men carried heaps of velvet, silk, and plumes.
Sophia looked at Ethan, questioning him silently.
“Our costumes for the doge’s ball,” he explained. “Mrs. Marconi, I’m sure everything is perfect for tomorrow night.”
“Signore Ashford, this is my easiest and most pleasurable mission.” The short and thin woman answered as she measured Sophia. “Signora Ashford is belissima!”
Sophia giggled at the mistake and Ethan kissed her soundly. “See you in a few minutes, Signora Ashford.” He waved at Sophia with a wicked smile, leaving the room with the men to try on his ensemble.
The small woman unzipped a black garment bag and removed out a black velvet silvery thread embroidered with Swarovski drops mantua with a small train. The embroidery was a delicate pattern of flowers and swirls. The black velvet sparkled like a starry night.
“It’s magical,” Sophia breathed, delighted by the cloth.
Mrs. Marconi helped Sophia into a delicate silver and black silk brocade gown with a fitted bodice and flared petticoats, fastening them on Sophia’s body. The low, square neckline and bodice emphasized her collarbones and breasts. The black, sparkling mantua was drawn back over the hips to expose the bodice and petticoat beneath, fitting tightly at her waist. The sleeves narrowed at the elbows and then opened wide to show the lace-trimmed sleeves beneath, almost covering her wrists. The matching shoes, made of the same black embroidered velvet, had a curved heel and a squarish toe with a bow of the silver brocade.
“It is absolutely perfect, Signora.” Sophia marveled at the gown. “You had my measurements?”
“Your husband knows your size exactly, Signora.” The woman circled an amused and grinning Sophia. “Splendida. Come and see in the full length mirror.” She held Sophia’s hand and led her to the bedroom, knocking on the door and waiting for an answer.
Ethan opened the double doors and had already changed into his normal clothes. His breath caught in his lungs. He lifted a hand, stopping the women and stepped back to better enjoy the amazing vision in front of him. He tilted his head to the side. “Magnificent,” he breathed. He crooked his finger at her, commanding her inside the master bedroom.
When Sophia saw her reflection in the mirror, she stood in awe of it. “Lovely.”
“Just perfect. Everything I had imagined,” he whispered in her ear, “my queen.”
Signora Marconi advanced, taking Sophia’s hair up and pilling it up with some pins. “No wig. Definitivamente, no wig and no hat. You need something sparkling in this glorious hair. Maybe the silver plumes. Or a Swarovski diadem.”
“Bravo, Signore Ashford! Let’s see the effect.” She snapped her fingers and an assistant hurried to pick out what she wanted.
“How were your clothes, Signore?”
“Perfect. As for the hat, I prefer the one with the black plumes.”
She rearranged Sophia’s hair in a loose bun and set a sparkling diadem on her head and some plumes, leaving a cascade of locks at the back, dropping them to her left shoulder. “No,” she said, thinking out loud, “no plumes in the hair. You don’t need accessories. Hmm,” the seamstress pursed her lips. “Curls. Si, si,” she bobbed her head, “you should have curls. I will set an appointment with Marco Bianchi for your hair and makeup, Signora. He is the best in Venezia. Is five okay?”
“May I?” Sophia asked, looking at the box with combs, pins, tiaras and a whole set of hair accessories. She took off the tiara and fitted a single Swarovski headband with small leaves over her hair. “What do you think?” She asked Ethan.
“Well,” he cocked his head to the side, “if you like it better, it’s up to you.”
She looked at the mirror and liked the effect.
Simple, but extremely elegant. “It will go spectacularly well with the Makis set you gave me.”
“Hmm…” he lifted an eyebrow and shrugged.
“You can use this headband, Signora.”
“Done. So, tomorrow at five o’clock I will wait for Marco.” She pivoted in front of the mirror and beamed at the seamstress. “Thank you very much. I loved it.”

A Gala Night

A day our with Gabriela and Alistair

Elegant and simple

Trust: Betrayed
A small excerpt about a cocktail dress for an exposition opening

Atwood House.
5.55 p.m.
“Sophia?” Alistair knocked on the door and walked into her bedroom. “Sweetheart? Are you ready?”
A heartbeat later she stepped out of her dressing room and smiled at him. Her welcome-back-I-missed-you smile struck him hard. It was one of the things he ached for on a daily basis. He longed to see her greeting him every evening with it as he entered their home, her sweet scent in the air, and laughing children calling him daddy.
As always, his gaze skimmed her, head to toe and back again, devouring her. After a few months with him, Sophia knew exactly what that scorching look meant.
This time, however, when he reached her dark red lacquered toenails peeking from her René Caovila sandals, he stopped. His thin nostrils flared and all his blood rushed down. Fuck. She’s sex on legs.
Excruciatingly slowly, his eyes traced his way back up, taking in her smooth bare legs and the short length of her flared asymmetrical skirt, flowing sensually around her toned thighs and hips in layers and layers of nude, caramel and brown organza and tulle. His fingers itched to span her slim waist and torso encased in a strapless embroidered bodice in earth tones. Then his gaze rose higher, to caress her naked shoulders and face. Long earrings of Imperial Topaz in reddish and orange hues framed her face. Her long hair was pulled back and up in a simple bun and she had shadowed her eyes in brownish tones, highlighting her hazel eyes.
Oh. My. Sophia’s breath stopped as his intense sensuous gaze blistered her body.
Without a word, he made a circle in the air with his index finger.
Dutifully, she twirled on one foot and her skirt drifted around her in a flurry of hues. As she completed her pirouette and faced him again, she saw his lips curve in a smirk.
With long, prowling strides, he crossed the room, his gaze steady on hers. “Who made this dress?” His hoarse accent-laden question showed all the burning desire that coursed in his veins.
His low, deep voice reverberated through her and she could feel the heat of his gaze as it roamed over her body again. “Victoria.”
His brows rose high on his forehead and his forest green eyes met hers. “She has my undying gratitude.”
She let her gaze linger on him, before she arched an eyebrow, “Victoria? And what, pray tell, do I receive?”
“My attention.” Alistair stepped closer. His gaze lowered, from her eyes to her full lips. “Undivided.”
His lips took hers and his hands curved possessively over her back and buttocks, hauling her soft body against his hard frame.
Sophia’s hands gripped Alistair’s lapels as their lips came together. Beneath his palms, her skin burned, a layer of fine silk organza no real barrier to his touch and her own flaring desire. Willingly, she sank into his arms, moaning as his tongue created havoc on her senses. He broke the kiss, breathing deep to restrain his uncontrollable desire. “Unfortunately, we have to go. But I’ll take a rain check.”
She sighed and promised, “Later, Handsome. Later.” She picked up a silk golden shawl, that she threw over her left arm, and a Valentino red clutch from her bed. “I’m ready.”
With a deep bow, he pulled the door wide, “Marchioness.”
“Not yet, my lord, but soon,” she whispered on his lips.
His deep laughter drew a grin from her.

The Novels Highlighted
Trust: A New Beginning (Trust Trilogy, #1)Trust: Betrayed (Trust Trilogy, #2)Trust: Pandora's Box (Trust Trilogy, #3) 

The Door Prize 

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  1. The outfits are incredibly gorgeous, and I would probably choose If I Stay due to all of the hype. ^-^

  2. If I could choose I would try and get the Legion by Melissa Delport. I am almost finished the first in the series and am incredibly addicted to it! I also think it would be great to see the pictures, but sadly my computer won't let me see them, no matter what I do :(

  3. I would choose the iron fey book 2 by julie kagawa :)

  4. The outfits look amazing!

  5. Love the "She's a Rainbow" dress! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. All the outfits are just brilliant!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell , Gonna buy as soon as it arrives :3


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