Review: Always Been Mine by Elizabeth Reyes

Always Been Mine
(The Moreno Brothers #2)

by Elizabeth Reyes
Kindle Edition, 372 pages
  • ASIN: B0052YCJKI
  • Source: Ebook - Own

After one heartache too many, Valerie Zuniga vows to never let Alex Moreno hurt her again. A year later, she is forced to reunite with him at a party where one unexpected sizzling kiss tells her she's far from over him. No way will she allow herself to get sucked back into that torment. She'll resist him even if that means using the one thing that'll stop Alex dead in his tracks: another man.
Alex is coming off one of the worst years of his life. He spent so much time wallowing in self-pity, he never realized how much he'd missed Valerie. That is, until that kiss. Now, he's determined to get her back one way or another, and no other man will stand in his way. Especially after discovering that Valerie may be in danger, a danger he blames himself for.

My first book by Elizabeth Reyes...... I liked this story and will read this series. I went out of order this is book #2 so I will have to go back one.

This is Alex & Valerie's story. Alex & Valerie have been off & on since high school. It was supposed to be a physically thing only but they both knew it was more than that. After Val finds Alex in a compromising position, Val breaks it off with Alex. Val is heartbroken & knows that she will never get over him. Val tries to get on with life & dates Bruce which is a huge mistake. Bruce is bad news. She breaks it off with him after finding out some upsetting information. Bruce vows that Valerie owes him & he will come to collect.

Alex & Valerie have a lot of common friends but manage not to see each other for a year. Now they are thrown together when a wedding is going to take place between Alex's brother Angel & Valerie's cousin Sarah. After seeing Valerie at the wedding shower Alex realizes he must get her back & explain exactly what was happening the night that Valerie broke up with him.

Alex is a sexy lead male character. You like him right away but after the secret is out about the night they broke up you think how freaking stupid is this guy. He should have just been honest & they could have avoided this whole situation.

Bruce is now stalking Valerie & is not giving up on her. Bruce wants what Valerie owes him & what Bruce thinks Valerie owes him is sex. Bruce will take it if Val is not willing to give it. And she's not willing.

Now with Alex back in her life Valerie has to find away to explain her ex Bruce & more recently her boss Luke which she dated briefly trying to get over Alex. Alex is not a Luke fan & hates that she has to work with him everyday.

Things get heated between Alex & Valerie, communication is what is needed in this relationship & both are keeping stupid things to themselves which is just going to push them further apart.

All in all this was a nice story with a little drama.


Happy Reading!


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