Review: Forever Yours by Elizabeth Reyes

Forever Yours
(Moreno Brothers - Book #1.5)
by Elizabeth Reyes
Kindle Edition, 329 pages
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Angel Moreno and Sarah Fiero fell in love in Forever Mine. They beat the odds of high school sweethearts withstanding the test of time. Trust has not been an issue in years. Enter the tatted, muscled, and intriguing bad boy, Leonardo. He quickly sets his sights on Sarah. Despite Angel's utter irritation withthe guy, he has no choice but to allow Leo in Sarah's life because he'sfamily--a long lost relative. Even more unsettling is Sarah's excitementabout the whole thing. As Sarah and Leo's relationship grows uncomfortably closer, Angel remindshimself the guy is family. Then things get weird. The change in Sarah isunmistakable, and Angel fears his worst nightmare is coming true. Is it possible forever has gone on too long for Sarah? There's no shortage of edge-of-your-seat, angsty drama, tears, and laughter as
Angel and Sarah's love is put to the ultimate test in this addition tothe Moreno Brother series. *Mature Content* Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.

I have read through "Romero" (book #4) in the Moreno Brothers series. So much happens in 1-4 and especially with Alex and Valerie, I can not remember at what point this was at. They were still in the NON-Exclusive relationship which they both hated which puts this book between 1 & 2 but Eric and Sofia are together which is book #3. And book #2 is where Valerie and Alex reconnect after 1 year or more time passes. But Sarah and Angel were together for 3 years according to this story so I feel that this should have come after book #3 but the timeline is still confusing because of the Alex and Valerie part. Because Book #2 is where they get back together and they are EXCLUSIVE so I feel the timeline is a little off. This series is an overlapping one but I still felt a little lost in time because of the the other couples already together.

The story itself was a nice read. It is about Angel and Sarah 3 years after they were dating. Essentially Sarah finds out that her dad is out of jail and has been for 5 years and her dad tells her that she has a half brother named Leonardo. Sarah is excited to meet Leo but has reservations in doing so. Neither Angel or Sydney are excited about this news and tell Sarah to be cautious. At first glance there are some strange things that occur from Leo to make Sarah careful how she proceeds with this relationship. There is a half naked picture that Leo sends her, the roses that he brings her on their first meeting, the strange "pet" names he has for her that feel inappropriate, and the way he looks at her. Leo comes clean about his past with Sarah and she feels a little better about the situation but she still is getting that STRANGE and ODD vibe from Leo. How does she really know that this is her brother and not some stranger tricking her for some strange reason. When her dad is MIA before even meeting her and Leo tells her to forget about him she figures they are on the same page with the family issues. Angel and Sydney are on high alert, they feel it deep down that there is something off about this LEO guy, brother or not, they do not want Sarah alone with him.

Things with her dad, Omar are becoming more clear and makes questions of Leo's actions. Leo tries to explain his part in Sarah's life to prove that he was trying to protect her. Angel has issues with photos taken of Sarah with Leo after they agreed she should not be alone with him and he feels that Sarah might have NON BROTHERLY feelings for Leo. Sarah sets the record straight with Leonardo and Angel. 

Good twist in Sarah's story and Angel's relationship for them to overcome. I love the trust that Angel does have in Sarah even though he questions things he knows that Sarah loves him and trusts her beyond what the other Moreno's would. And at the very end of this story Angel has that dreaded one-on-one conversation with Sydney's feelings for Sarah. 

I would have given this story 3 stars but because I was so lost in the timeframe I had to bump it to only 2 stars.


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