Review: Obsidian by Laurann Dohner

Obsidian (New Species - Book #8)
by Laurann Dohner
Kindle Edition, 205 pages
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Dr. Allison Baker is obsessed with saving the comatose New Species male. She has tried everything and there’s only one option left. Alli will break every rule and put her life in danger by tempting 880 to wake, using only her feminine scent and touch. She just has to kidnap him and crawl into bed with him to make it work.
880 wakes in a different world with a small female who’s been sleeping beside him, caressing him and wrapping her sweet body around his, teasing his senses. He lies silent and still, listening and evaluating each arousing touch, fighting his body’s reaction. Hatred flares when he discovers she’s human, but Mercile stole everything from him so he decides it’s fair to take her in return.
But things quickly change and he wants her at his side and in his bed. 880 has chosen a new name—Obsidian—the personification of dark and dangerous. He’ll fight them all to keep her and no one will stand in his way of taking a new mate as well.

Alli is a dedicated doctor to New Species. She has a big heart and always wants to help. That is way patient 880 is so mysterious to her. They know very little of 880. Here is what they do know of 880, he was kept away from other New Species except for the mate they brought to be with him, his mate was murdered in front of him, he hurt himself trying to save his mate by repeatedly ramming himself into his cage to be freed and save 46 (his mate).

Alli has asked permission to try an experiment with 880 to help him wake. She wants to use a females scent to awaken him, perhaps tempt him into living and mating with another. Her request is denied and she struggles to figure out another way to help 880. She is told that they will take him off the machines and just let him go if that is what is needed. Alli has to help 880. She thinks she is in love with him yet she has never met him.

Alli betrays the New Species and risks her job, her friends, and jail time to hep 880. If he does not wake she is in a lot of trouble, if he does wake she could still be in a lot of trouble. 880 could become violent and kill Alli just out of confusion alone. What happens when 880 wakes and finds out the one talking to him, caressing him, bathing him is human? 880 is unpredictable.

When he awakens he chooses Obsidian as his new name and now he wants Alli and no one can tell him NO, not even Alli. Obsidian wants Alli and he will do anything to get her. It won't take much to get Alli to comply to share his space.

Alli needs to be punished for her actions even though the result was that Obsidian's life was saved and spared. Will she face jail, will she be taken from Obsidian?

Alli and Obsidian have a very different relationship since Obsidian really does not know of this new world. She needs to teach him how to cook, clean, kiss (really). Obsidian shares about his life in the cage and of his experiences with his mate, Alli is sad for him all over again. Alli hopes that Obsidian is not replacing 46 with her and tries to put some distance between them. This causes Obsidian to become even more obsessed, possessive, and dangerous. Obsidian must be separated from Alli to insure his and Alli's future together.

This story I feel was about discipline. Obsidian needed to learn to become part of society in order to be with Alli. Obsidian's struggle shows that he is a strong male and will do anything to protect and have Alli, even if it means being polite and playing nice with others.

Another good one from Laurann Dohner.

WARNING: These books are addicting.

Rating: 4 STARS

Happy Reading!


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