Summer Classes Wrap Up!

If it seems like I've been MIA it's because I'm back in school trying to complete my degree.  For the Summer Semester, I took Fashion Color and Design FAS 120 and Drawing for Fashion FAS 100.  Boy you would think art classes would be easy, but they sure have been kicking my butt.  Now that we're in the week of finals and I've submitted all my work I can breathe easy.  Well... a little anyway.  I'm still holding my breath for final grades.  Any who I wanted to share highlights of some of my best work this semester:

FAS 120
For my final project in this class I had to draw a design, make it into a repeating pattern, incorporate the design into an end product (design that end product), and make a cohesive collection.

I submitted my final project (pictured above) last night. This collection consists of two handbags, two clutches, two canvas on woodframe (image printed on silk sheets and mounted), four handkerchiefs, four bow ties, one men's wallet, one keychain, one leather watch, and four leather cuffs. Everything was handmade from scratch. The fabrics were outsourced to a textile printing company. The design is my original drawing and hand colored by me.

 Here I had to create a 3-D design using nothing but paper:

Below are some of my best nude sketches...

How are you spending your Summer?

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