Review: Proving Paul's Promise by Tammy Falkner

Proving Paul's Promise
(The Reed Brothers - Book #5)
by Tammy Falkner
Kindle Edition, 234 pages
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Series reading order: Tall, Tatted, and Tempting (currently free) Smart, Sexy, and Secretive Calmly, Carefully, Completely Finally Finding Faith Just Jelly Beans and Jealousy (currently free)Reagan's Revenge and Ending Emily's Engagement Maybe Matt's Miracle Proving Paul's PromiseZip, Zilch, Zero (coming Winter 2014)
*Intended for readers over the age of 18 due to sexual content and the fact that the heroine has a potty mouth.* 
Paul Reed has been raising children since he was a child himself, but he wouldn’t change his life, even if given an opportunity. That is, until one of his brothers says four little words that shake the foundation of his world. “She’s not a lesbian,” shouldn’t be quite so earth shattering, but suddenly the woman he loves is available, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her over. 
They call her Friday, and she’s hiding more than just her name... 
Friday has worked in the Reeds’ tattoo parlor for four years. She’s become more than just an employee, and she loves being in the middle of something so wonderful. She treasures the way the Reeds live for one another, and she adores the way they take care of their family. She would do just about anything to be part of it, if not for the fact that she doesn’t deserve a family of her own. Or does she? Friday is punishing herself for her past, and by doing so, she pushes away the one man who could truly love her. 
Separately, they’re strong. Together, they’re vulnerable. As a team, they rock.

Friday has worked with Paul and his family for about 4 years now. Friday just graduated college and is now homeless since the dorm rooms are no longer her home.

Friday has been staying with Pete and Reagan for the past 2 weeks but now she will be forced to find another place to live. 

Paul cannot forget the kiss that happened between him and Friday. It was mind blowing, earth shattering and unforgettable. For a long time Paul thought Friday was a lesbian and just accepted that he was extremely attracted to someone that would never see him that way. They became really good friends but Friday left Paul believing that because her attraction to Paul was something she was not ready to deal with.  But then Paul's brothers have to break the news to Paul that Friday is straight and then that kiss happened and now everything is different. Right before the kiss she agreed to be a surrogate for Cody and Garrett and now that she might be pregnant with someone elses child everything is complicated.

Paul finds out that Friday needs a place to stay and offers her a room, even after Friday kisses Garrett right in front of him to make him jealous. And Paul remembers last week when she was kissing a different dude (Cody). Really, what is going on with this chick. But he still wants her close to him.

Friday lets Paul off the hook and tells him that Cody and Garrett are a couple and only kissed her because she asked them too make Paul jealous. Paul and Friday reveal there feelings to one another and their relationship takes off from there.

Kelly is Paul's ex-girlfriend and Hayley's mother. Paul was also sleeping with Kelly until that kiss happened between him and Friday. Kelly has a fiance but you have to guess it can't be that good if she is cheating with Paul. Anyway Kelly is jealous of Friday and wants Paul. But the reason they broke up is because Kelly does not want the huge family (The Reed's) that goes along with Paul. Paul is not in love with Kelly and tells her that he wants to be with Friday. And that they will always be friends because Hayley is in their lives.

Friday has a lot of secrets and she reveals a huge one to Paul. Some of the other Reed's already know some of her history but not everything. And I feel we only see a glimpse of Friday's past.

Friday and Paul make a pretty reasonable couple. They have both liked each other for awhile and became really good friends with that flirty vibe/tension between them. As a couple Paul is not used to being taken care of but Friday is not used to it either so some adjustments need to be made from both to make it work.

There is one part in the story that I was like "NO, DON'T DO IT" because I knew the outcome could be really bad but at the same time I loved that Paul overstepped and tried to push Friday to face some of her fears. The difference is you can wait for some to jump out of the plane on their own or you can push them out. Now if you push them and their parachute does not work that would suck. My approach is to coax them to get them to push themselves but what do I know. Haha

I love Friday's character and I hope that more is revealed about her in other books to come. I don't like Kelly's character at all but I don't think that we are supposed to like her. In this installment you also find out some more about the Reed's father and why he left and where he has been. So a little insight into that mystery as well.

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