ARC Giveaway & Book Sale Alert!

I have almost 350 books & 100 ARCs!  
Everything must go!

I'm sorting through this now.

Next Saturday, I will list them for you to either buy or enter to win.

If you live in the Baltimore, Maryland area please let me know in the comments below.

Right now I'm sorting and adding more to the piles as I find them.

Again, Next Saturday, I will list them for you to either buy or enter to win.


  1. oh my!!! if only i lived near you i would be devalising you....The collector by victoria scott ( and teh liberator!!)
    arc of Talon!
    the shapeshifter secret by Heather ostler
    the immortal rules by julie kagawa
    and the divergent trilogy
    sige and storm ( even if i still have to get book 1)
    there are on my wish list*_____* and i'm sure i missed some other excellent books in those pile i'm nearly ready to faint

    i'm sure you have your reason to part with them but is it not breaking your heart?

    if only i could buy online....( or i can hope the contest will be open to international without need of twitter or facebook s mandatory) really so many books*______*

    1. Hey Miki, this week I'm offering to my bookclub members and local people in my area. Next Saturday I will open it to everyone, even INTERNATIONAL. There won't be any mandatory entries either. I'll leave it very simple because everything has to find a new home. :)

    2. it's very kind of you, thank you
      i don't think i could part with that many books personnally

  2. Wow..... So glad I have my kindle. I have thousands and don't think I could part with any of them. I hope they all find a new home. This would be a tough one for me. I had no storage space for all the books I read. My mother has a room full of books. One day I'm sure she will have to part with them as well. Good luck.

    1. Thank you Kami. I have many more on my Kindle and Nook. Thank the Lord for clouds! That's the only reason why I'm not crying like a baby right now. Well that and the fact that I'm keeping at least 70 to pack and ship to my new home.


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