Review: Ageless Sea by M.R. Polish

Ageless Sea (Ageless - Book #1)
by M.R. Polish
Kindle Edition, 302 pages
Source: Ebook - own

The crash was no accident. Fate carried Brady and his airplane to the isolated island where Karis was banished to live alone. She feared the worst as she sifted through the wreckage, sure that no one could survive. But there he was, barely breathing yet still alive. 
The closer she got to him, the more her powers awakened. He was like a magnet she was drawn to. Maybe it was the years alone that left her yearning for companionship, or maybe it was the taut muscles in his arms that beckoned her to come closer, either way she had a hard time controlling her thoughts. She knew things about him that he couldn’t remember, things that were blocked from his memory. He wasn’t from earth either, and she needed his help to save both of their worlds. But the closer she gets to Brady the more she knows her world is with him.
Even with a woman as beautiful as Karis, Brady was well trained, but he wasn’t prepared to care as much as he did. Being an underground fighter made him the wrong man for a future Queen of a different world, and he knew it. But that didn’t stop the yearning he felt deep inside. It didn’t stop his heart from racing when she was around. And it didn’t stop him from falling in love.

Think of this series as stargate with enhanced magical abilities.

Karis is a princess in her World. She is 20 and her father was just killed a couple of days ago. And now she is being framed for a crime in which of course she is innocent. Karis is found guilty of the charges and BANISHED to Earth. Earth is the "experimental world" everything is different on Earth than anywhere else. Karis's banishment also has a stipulation that she will be ALONE the entire time. Now being immortal this is worse than you think. Her frame up was done to gain control of her throne that is rightfully hers by her bloodline. She is betrothed to Azul and will rule together as King and Queen since she is the only child of the king.

Her people are distraught and fight for her return. They will fight for their rightful Queen even if she has not returned.

When Karis arrives on her little island she has to make the best of it. She makes friends with a family of birds on the island and even shares her little "shack" with them. It has been 90 years since her banishment and she still feels the sadness of her people and the loneliness of the island paradise.

All of a sudden a plane gets through the spell barrier and Karis cannot believe it. She runs to see if there are any survivors. Brady was the only one of board and he is barely alive. Karis uses her power to heal him and gets him back to her shack. Brady is in shock at first but feels an odd connection to Karis. Karis tells him of faraway lands that can only be reached by a PORTAL and that they are trapped on the island. Brady has a hard time believing this but soon sees things that only make sense with Karis's story.

Soon they find themselves with many choices. They have found a way back from the island but what awaits them in Karis's world is hard to accept. The power of her throne has attracted many conspiring against her. Now Karis and Brady must figure out whom they can trust and help Karis get back to her throne and save her people from enslavement. Oh yeah and Azul is not happy that Karis has chosen to mate with Brady. In order to defeat those in power the trust few must seek out Athena and Zeus.

This story is very interesting especially by having a gateway/portal between worlds it can help to achieve many things. There are mermaids/mermen, Greek Gods and Goddess, Queens and princes, magical abilities ...... Very cool.


Happy Reading!


  1. oh this one i could enjoy i think th eonly downside is that's a ebook so i need to see if it exist in print ( or at least in printable pdf)
    thank you a lot for the discovery ( *stargate* many memories^^;;)

  2. Hi Miki - I see it on Amazon with a paperback price. If you have a tablet I would recommend getting the ebook since it is a freebie at least for the time being it has been free. But if they list a paperback version I am sure you can find it in Target or a bookstore near you. Good Luck.


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