Review: Drawn by Lilliana Anderson

Drawn (book #1)
by Lilliana Anderson
Kindle Edition, 354 Pages
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***Content warning - it's advised that readers be over 18 years of age before reading this novel due to sexual content and adult situations. ***
From the best-selling author of the Beautiful Series, comes Drawn, a powerful tale of a relationship that rides the edge of hate and love and everything in between. 
Have you ever felt so drawn to someone, that you will put up with anything to be with them? That’s how I feel when I’m around him. 
Most of the time, I want to hate him. I want to stay as far away from him as possible. He’s so cocky, and arrogant. And he gets in the way and tells me what to do. He’s all things that I normally detest in a man. But, when we’re alone… I can’t even think for myself – the pull is that intense. 
I know I should run, I know I should stay away. But I can’t. I don’t know if I’m strong enough. 
What do you do when you just can’t stay away? Even when you know you should…

When we first meet Etta we understand her need for freedom. The connection she has with Aaron is so sweet and their friendship is truly loving and special. You can see Aaron's obvious love for Etta. And Aaron has waited patiently to be with Etta. He needed that time for her to grow up and accept her freedom and understand that he wanted that relationship with her.

Now that Etta is trying to lead her own life and be on her own, she likes the freedom she has. But when Etta meets Damien she loses herself. Aaron is still in love with Etta and let's her go to Damien if that's the man she chooses to be with. I think that shows true love, letting someone go be happy even if you are not the choose they make. And Aaron is still there for her, as her friend.

Damien and Etta's relationship in my opinion is very unhealthy and toxic. The sex between them has them lose all thoughts of the outside world. Damien is obsessed with Etta's safely but his unwillingness to be 100% truthful with Etta is always in the back of her mind.

After Etta is away from Damien for a bit her thoughts become more clear of the fact that she needs to get out of this relationship but as soon as Damien is near her she cannot think anymore. When Etta feels that Damien has betrayed her trust and never fully trusted her himself she finds herself in a very bad predicament. Now she must escape this addicting and toxic relationship.

Aaron is there to help her as well as her parents.
Honestly the obsession became a little overwhelming for me as a reader. I wanted to get to the ending but I agree with a lot of the reviews that I read that this book is 50% sex and you never really fully understand who Damien is. I found myself just wanting Aaron to be a little more forceful and kidnapping Etta away from Damien just so she could see clearly and hopefully choose him at the end of it all. I was debating on reading the next book in the series but the ending is a little bit of a cliffhanger so I will be purchasing Book #2. Here is a interesting twist though. The author wants you to choose the HERO so there are 2 books to choose from. Damien or Aaron. I personally am choosing Aaron but have a feeling I will read both of them.


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