Review: Alpha's Last Fight by Aubrey Rose & Molly Prince

Alpha's Last Fight
(Scraptown Shifters - Book #1)
by Aubrey Rose & Molly Prince
Kindle Edition - 223 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

You can’t hide from the monster when the monster is inside you. 
More than anything, Natalie wants to keep her secret hidden. Locked away. She’s too scared to love, scared that the unthinkable will happen again. 
Five years ago, the monster got out. And the one person she cared about will forever carry the scars she gave him. She vowed then that she would never let her wolf come out of hiding again, and she’s not about to break that vow for some guy she met at a crazy underground shifter fight. 
Especially if that guy is an arrogant, asshole alpha male. 
Cocky, tattooed, and sexy as hell, Hutch runs his pack by his own rules. He fights, he wins, and he can take his pick of any of the screaming girls who cheer him on. He has everything he could possibly want. 
Except a sweet, sassy, curvy mate. 
But Natalie isn’t the only one with a past, and when a lifetime of lies and broken promises begin to catch up with him, Hutch is given one chance to make things right. A last fight with no rules, no limits and next to no chance of survival. Hutch is willing to risk everything to redeem himself in the eyes of his pack… but can he risk the love of the only woman who has given him a reason to live?

*** Alpha's Last Fight is a full-length, stand-alone paranormal romance novel from best selling authors Aubrey Rose and Molly Prince. Please be aware that it includes adult language, explicit sex scenes and moderate violence throughout and is suitable for mature readers only *** 

Hutch is a wolf who took the Alpha position to help his people. The wolves fight for money to survive. They have land that being paid off by the fights. At least that is what Hutch tells them.

Natalie is back in town to help her dad recover from surgery. She meets up with her ex-boyfriend Tommy who introduces her to the fights. It will be her down fall because after her and Tommy fight she gets an exciting ride from Hutch. Tommy has no chance with Natalie after that encounter.

Natalie and Hutch find themselves very smitten with each other and Hutch will not look at another female after meeting Nat.

The shifters learn of their fate with the land the inhabit and Hutch must put his life on the line to save the fate of his family.

Natalie is unhappy of the choice Hutch has made in order to fix the problem. But when Natalie tries to break free of the pack it is clear that Hutch will die as a result. Natalie must save Hutch and the pack by sticking by Hutch's decision even if she does not agree.

Will Natalie and Hutch have a happy ever after?

This was a good story with few errors. The story had ups, downs, action, sex, and drama. Very well rounded and keep my interest.




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