Review: Free Falling by Kirsty Moseley

Free Falling
by Kirsty Moseley
Kindle Edition, 281 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

They say that your school years are supposed to be the best years of your life, and that you should make the most of them because you’ll miss them when you’re all grown up. Up until Maisie Preston’s senior year, she would have totally agreed with that statement. Life was great, she had everything going for her, excellent grades, great parents, an annoying yet caring twin brother, and an impossibly sweet boyfriend.
Everything was perfect - that is until the arrival of Zach Anderson. A misfit delinquent that seemed to bring with him a lot of bad karma. Is it just a coincidence that his arrival marks a significant change in Maisie’s life? Up until senior year, life was perfect, but things seem to be going downhill fast.
This is a companion novel for ‘Always You’ — though this novel stands alone so there is no need to read Always You first.
Maisie and Luke have been dating for about 2 years now. It is their senior year and they have the future laid in front of them. Go to college together. Get married, dream jobs and children. This is always the plan........ Until the party where everything in their lives where changed forever.

Maisie finds Luke with Sandy. Luke was drugged but Maisie can only see Luke cheating on her over and over again. Maisie knows they belong together and she tries desperately to let that night go. Maisie knows that Luke loves her and that Sandy wanted him however she needed to get him. Maisie agrees to be friends with Luke and see how things go. Maisie needs Luke in her life but just needs time to see if she can be in a relationship with Luke again.

Zach is the new student who Maisie is supposed to tutor. Zach is a misfit with ADHD who was already held back a year. Zach is desperate to pass and land his dream job. He needs Maisie....... his future depends on her. Zach and Maisie become really good friends and Luke finds himself incredibly jealous of Zach. Maisie assures Luke that they are friends and she is tutoring Zach nothing more. Zach confides in Maisie a little bit about his past, his parents, and his fear of a relationship.

Maisie starts getting hassled and stalked. She receives strange gifts in the mall, threatening letters in her locker, and odd text messages that someone is watching her. Maisie is panicked a lot of the time and her brother Alex, dad, Luke and even Zach are a bit worried for her. They don't want her out of their sites. 

Maisie starts to rely on Luke more and more with each text and the growing fear within herself. Maisie swears it is Sandy because of all the horrible things Sandy has said and done to Maisie but then Sandy ends up murdered. It is discovered that Sandy received a call from the same burner phone as Maisie's stalker. Now Maise is even more scared for her life and realizes how much she needs Luke.

Luke gives Maisie space to work on her feelings, hoping and praying that she will come back to him. Maisie finally is able to realize that she needs Luke and cannot live without him when a horrible discovery comes to light about her stalker and once again Maisie and Luke's relationship is in turmoil with each passing moment.

A horrible car accident makes the decision for Maisie on what to do next in her life. After the accident Maisie's decisions are still the same, go to college, get a job, start fresh.......

Once at college she finds a part of herself again that feels like the old Maisie and she is able to move forward. She keeps in touch with Beth, Charlotte and Zach from home and misses them while at school. A year and half later Zach is a stunt man filming at the college that Maisie is at and they are able to see each other in person for the first time since she left home. Maisie realizes at that moment that her future may have Zach as a leading man.  And Luke a fond but somewhat now twisted memory for Maisie. Her love for Luke undeniable, beautiful, and now tarnished forever.

I read Always You first and both novels are stand alones. Maisie's parents are the teens from Always You and both are great stories.

I have to say though even though we should love Luke and then hate Luke, I really did not have an attachment to that particular character. I felt bad when Luke was drugged and cheated on Maisie, I felt that was a forgivable act considering if it was a girl that was caught in that situation they would have called it rape even if she was aware of what was going on. So for that I feel that Maisie needed to forgive Luke. However, I felt the instant that Maisie meet Zach that she would form a bond with him. Maybe not a relationship thing but a pretty cool friendship. I loved Zach right off the bat. Zach is bad boy on the outside and sweet in the middle. Their friendship was sweet, loving, respectful, supportive, compassionate and fun. I feel in love with that relationship that seemed so fluid and easy for both characters.

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  1. Sandy is a rapist, she should go to jail. Interesting story, not really my cup of tea but I can see why readers would like it.

  2. I 100% agree with you. I'm not sure why I read books or see movies where a female basically rapes a male and it seems to be okay. I don't like that they never addressed that Sandy not only DRUGGED him but also RAPED him. I guess in the end Karma kicked her butt for it. Luke should have felt like he was taken advantage of as well.


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