Review: Finally Finding Faith by Tammy Falkner

Finally Finding Faith
(Reed Brothers - #3.5)
by Tammy Falkner
Kindle Edition, 70 pages
Source: Ebook - Own

"You'll find Faith in the clock shop," Peter Reed says.
"Faith? I don't believe in faith or God or predestination or any of that bullshit anymore. I believe in what I can see."
Daniel has a list of things he wants to do before the clock strikes twelve on December 31st.
1. Get a tattoo
2. Ride a horse-drawn carriage in the snow
3. See a Broadway play
4. Buy hot chestnuts from a street vendor
5. Eat a one-pound burger at Rocko’s
6. Drink hot chocolate on a bench in the park
7. Fix my watch
Daniel's watch stopped working when he lost all his men, his leg, and his hope in Afghanistan. A chance encounter at Reed's Tattoo Parlor leads him to Faith, a redhead with the prettiest green eyes he's ever seen.
Daniel intends to meet his deadline before the clock strikes midnight, and Faith sets out to help him. But she is goodness and light, and he’s not ready to let her warmth shine on him.
Faith takes care of her aging grandmother and knows how precious life is. But can she help Daniel realize it before it's too late? She has less than twenty-four hours.
Tick tock. Tick tock.

Daniel & Faith have found each other.

Daniel is a Army veteran who lost his leg in battle. Daniel has several scars from burns all over his body. He also suffers from PTSD and the memories of losing all of the men in his unit with an explosion. Now he has a bucket list and needs to finish it by midnight on New Years Eve because that is when he is going to end his suffering by taking his life.

1st on the list - Get a tattoo. He goes to Reeds for his tattoo and asks where he can get his watch fixed (on the Bucket list). Pete walks him around the block to the clock shop where he meets Henry and Faith (Henry's granddaughter). Faith works on his watch all night trying to get it to work but she can not figure out why it stopped. Everything looks ok. Daniels watch stopped the day of the explosion. Faith tells Daniel that "He stopped not his watch".

Faith is attracted to Daniel instantly. Faith sees the loneliness that appears on Daniels face. Daniel tells Faith about his past, the explosion, losing all the men in his unit, learning how to use his prosthetic leg...... All Faith wants to do is make Daniel feel better, maybe make him laugh.

Next on the list is a broadway play and when Faith hears this she asks to go along with Daniel. Daniel and Faith spend New Year's Eve together and they both laugh and smile more than either of them thought possible. Daniel is still set with his plans at midnight and Faith is not sure what midnight will bring since Daniel says "He has somewhere to be". They part ways and Faith says that Daniel can have a kiss if he promises that he will come back tomorrow for her. NO KISS. Daniel cannot promise that.

Midnight comes and the plan is motion but as the countdown is about to strike midnight something crazy happens and snaps Daniel out of his suicide. He realizes that he needs help for his PTSD and plans to see Faith again, if she will wait for him.

This was a great little short story and I hope that the relationship of Daniel and Faith might be explored a little more with their future in some of the other installments of this series.

On a side note I do not feel that the author should charge $2.99 for this short story. She charges $2.99 & $3.99 for her full length novels. But I guess if we are fans of the series then we are willing to pay the price. I did since I was so curious about Faith.

Rating: 3 STARS

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