Review: Logan and Cecile by Ryleigh Rhodes

Logan and Cecile
(Treasure State - Book #1)
Kindle Edition, 130 Pages
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Cecile Cooke, CiCi, has been in love with Logan Adams, her brothers' best friend, since she was twelve years old. Since he never showed any interest, it left CiCi to make plans to escape Montana and her controlling, meddling, mother. Logan experiences an untimely loss, but urges CiCi to continue on to New York and follow her dreams of becoming a world-class chef. 
Logan and CiCi reunite at a wedding, where Logan decides to confess his past interest, and CiCi's forced to confront her conflicted feelings.

I was given this book by the author Ryleigh Rhodes for an honest review. 

Let's start with the basics, I unfortunately found a lot of grammatical errors. Mostly were the past, present or future tense being used incorrectly. That being said it was still a very nice story.

The story itself was sweet. Cici is all grown up and remembers her crush Logan with found memories. Logan being Nathan (Cici's brother) best friend. Cici loved Logan's parents and spent a lot of time with Logan's mom. Cici's own mother is a bully and control freak so Cici found Logan's mom to help her escape from that torment. With her help Cici found her love for baking and went away to learn more about cooking. Once she was finished, her and her best friend Annie moved back home and opened a bakery.

Before leaving for school she was visiting with Logan and Nathan. A terrible accident happens back home that sends Logan and Cici clinging to each other for comfort. Logan passionate kisses Cici before she leaves for school and it makes her wonder if he had feelings for her like she did him.

After returning to her home town she runs into Logan and a mutual friends wedding and things begin to happen between them that is more than a crush and way more than friendship. Cici was so drunk she does not even remember what happened the night of the wedding but she is eager to do it again so she can remember what it was like to actually kiss Logan again.

Logan takes things slow with Cici once they return to the real world. Logan tells her he did not know she was that drunk or he would have never crossed the line. Cici is not upset about what transpired she just wish she could remember it.

Now to be with Logan and his girlfriend they must speak to Nathan. Nathan will have to accept them as a couple so that Cici and Logan have nothing trying to stop them from being together.

At a family get together we get to see just how controlling and demeaning Cici's mother really is. She has been this way from day one and Cici is about done with taking this crap from her. With a strong self preservation attitude Cici stands up for herself and tells her mother that she will no longer be part of her life until she apologizes and respects her. Personally I know that this mother does exist in real life and it is very sad that you cannot just give unconditional love without judgement.

Annie and Cici have a huge problem at the bakery and Logan is there to help her through the rough spot. Together they show that a relationship between friends can work out and with that love, respect and trust in one another it can be very beautiful.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

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