Review: Fireproof by Kelly Grant

by Kelly Grant
Kindle Edition, 114 pages
Source: Ebook - Own


Are you fireproof?

I have read several of the reviews pertaining to this book. I happen to agree with the majority of them.  This book has no real setup and just throws you in. The beginning scene is Ben in a hotel room with a woman. As a reader we have no idea if this is his girlfriend, a hook-up, a one time thing….. Anyway we find out that Ben is with a woman who turns out to NOT BE his wife.

This story is about Ben & Amanda’s marriage and the issues they face. Amanda finds out about the one-time affair and Ben wants to end the marriage. Ben got caught on purpose and wants out. He does not know what has happened to his sexy, loving wife but the last 2 years she has changed. She never dresses sexy anymore, wearing yoga pants all the time, does not want to make love and is just depressed. But instead of asking Amanda what is wrong and trying to work through what has happened he just decides to have an affair. REALLY….. Talk to each other people.

Amanda has been scared of her attacker coming back to rape her again. Ben knows about the rape in high school but has no idea she has seen him since then. He also thought that Amanda did not know who really raped her. Because Amanda lied to him.

Anyway we are told the couple has twins but we have no idea if they are both girls or a girl and a boy. I honestly don’t remember reading about that. We know one is a daughter named Sharon but the other one must have flew by because I don’t even remember the child’s name. We know that Sharon is grown and I think in college but also still kind of confused on that issue. Ben is a firefighter and Nick who just pops into the book out of the blue is his best friend. We are not really introduced to any of the characters. They are just thrown at us. We hear about a guy that he might want to fix his daughter up with but that was one scene never to be mentioned again.

After Ben is hurt his daughter Sharon is there but that second child never makes it into the book even in that area.

I found this book to be very confusing, a bit boring, and poorly written. I will be deleting this from my kindle library. The only good thing about this book is that it is a novella and won’t take up a horrible amount of time and it was a freebie. The other good news is that I cannot find this book anywhere on line even for a FREEBIE purchase so maybe the author snatched it up to revamp it and make it better.

RATING: ½ star because I have to give it something.
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