Review: Unmasked (Volume 3) by Cassia Leo

The Complete Series (Volume 3)
by Cassia Leo
Kindle Edition, 454 pages
Source: Ebook - Own

Hidden away for 18 years and trained to kill. She's never been touched... until now. 
I was born into this world unwanted.
I spent the first hours of my life unloved.
I spent the first eighteen years of my life with the parents who tried to shelter me from the harsh reality of my existence.
But you can’t un-write a sad story if the ending is literally written all over your face.
So I moved out and now I hide. I have a night job that pays the bills. Every night, I put on my mask and walk to work.
Then one night, I hear and see something that will change my purpose in life... forever: a murder that will bring him to me.
He says he wants to protect me. And, through a series of events I can’t fully make sense of, I find myself believing him.
But our nightly visits are always cloaked in darkness. I don’t know his face and he will never know mine.
I was born into this world unwanted. I will leave this world unmasked.
**WARNING: This series is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen due to dark and erotic content.**
From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a deliciously dark and mind-bending erotic thriller series.

Since this is really 3 books in 1 I am going to review each volume as I finish them that way if you have not read one of them you can skip the other reviews so there are no spoilers.

Unmasked: Volume 3: SPOILER ALERT

Volume 3 opens with Daimon showing Alex that he is alive, that he still loves her, and he knows that she is carrying their baby. Daimon tries to tell her the more of her past and the truth about her parents and the prince and princess. Daimon tells her that Nick is a bounty hunter but Alex does not believe him until things start to fall into place.

Nick and Alex are on a boat racing to get to the plane to take her to meet her parents. But Nick slips up and calls her Alex. Can someone please tell me if that was a flaw on the writers part because I remember Nick telling Alex that he knows her name is not Alyssa and is Alex and that her parents are the prince and princess. So my question is even though he continued to call her Alyssa how was that a slip REALLY. I think Alex confirmed the information when she agreed to meet her "parents".

Here were my questions going into Volume 3 & the answers given:

  • Why is a girl that has been trained by a Black Ops father so easy to find after taking a new identity, especially since she lived OFF the GRID in the first place? Not sure not really answered except for the fact that Alex is a bit naive since she was locked away for the first 18 years of her life. 
  • If Daimon loves Alex what is his plan to save her from the princess killing her and collecting the money? This is answered but I don't want to spoil it.
  • Where exactly does this Crow guy fit into the scenario? He is Daimon's partner sent to finish the job (killing Alex) if Daimon can not accomplish the task.
  • Will her father love Alex the way he should have all along? The father issue was never really addressed and I was very confused when it came to the parents. The mother I understood she was the bad guy but the father I felt like we needed more clarification. He still loved and supported his wife even though he JUST found out that the princess was paying a hitman to kill there daughter. A daughter he did not know existed until 2 months ago. Still have questions on this one.
  • Did her father know that she was alive the whole time? No, he said he found out 2 months ago.
  • Why does her own mother want her dead? All I understood was that it was because of her skin condition and that the princess did not want people to know that Alex was HER daughter.
  • Will Alex forgive Daimon and be happy that he is alive? Yes Alex is happy that Daimon is alive and she eventually forgives him.
  • Will Alex be able to trust Daimon? Yes over time.
  • What will Alex tell Nick and how will Alex feel once she knows that Nick lied to her? No time to tell Nick much of anything once the action starts on the boat and racing against time. And Alex is really pissed that Nick lied to her but she takes care of the situation.
I feel that the story had a nice ending and the characters have that HAPPY EVER AFTER feeling but I'm not positive that I liked it. Of course I like when I have closure to the characters and this Volume 3 gives you closure. But Daimon was a really bad guy and sometimes I don't want the bad guy to have the happy ending. I like that Daimon changed because of his love for Alex and that Alex made him a good person. But that does not erase the bad that Daimon did in his life. It is something that the character struggles with and I can see why he struggles.

Rating: 2 STARS

Happy Reading!


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