Review: Angie by Candy J. Starr

(Bad Boy Rock Star - Book #2.5)
by Candy J. Starr
Kindle Edition, 44 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

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Angie's feeling for Eric can't be denied but there is a major obstacle in her way - his mother. She feels like she can't be with him until his mother accepts her but it looks like that will never happen.
Angie is a story in the Bad Boy Rock Star series. While it can be read as a stand-alone story, to keep within the time order of the series and avoid spoilers, Angie should be read between book 2 (Bad Boy vs Millionaire) and book 3 (Bad Boy Redemption).

This book starts right at the beginning of Storm’s tour.

Angie has a feelings for Eric and Eric has feelings for Angie. Eric’s mother is always mean to Angie so Angie tries to fight her feelings for Eric knowing that his mother will make it difficult to be together.

Spud meets a girl named Denise who apparently is going on tour with them. This makes everyone have to arrange another room for the tour which is not in the budget. Hannah and Jack are not happy about the Denise situation.

Eric asks his mom to be nice to Angie and try to get along. Angie tries to work things out with Eric’s mom (we still do not know her name) and things go very badly for Angie.

Angie wavers on her feelings for Eric because of his mother but decides to jump in and be with Eric and his mother will just have to deal with it.

This was a fast short story. It gave us a little more insight to Angie and Eric and the sweet relationship they are building up to.

Rating; 2 STARS

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