Review: Bad Boy vs Millionaire by Candy J. Starr

Bad Boy vs Millionaire
(Bad Boy Rock Star - Book #2)
by Candy J. Starr
Kindle Edition, 214 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

When fate forced Hannah Sorrento to take on the management of indie rockers, Storm, she managed to survive but, when she found out she'd been played by their mercurial front man, Jack Colt, the betrayal hit her hard.
She flees to Tokyo, where her father orchestrates a deal to save their collapsed financial empire. A deal that involves a gorgeous millionaire.
Tamaki is everything Jack isn't and, with their similar backgrounds, he and Hannah form a bond. He offers her safety and security as well as a return to her luxurious lifestyle. But the passion Jack arouses in Hannah won't be denied.
In the second Bad Boy Rock Star book, Rock Star vs Millionaire, can Hannah forgive Jack or will she take the sanctuary Tamaki offers?

Hannah is asked to go to Japan by her father. Her father has a plan to make them rich again. Hannah is to marry into a rich family. Hannah meets Tamika. Hannah is not aware of the marriage plan until she is already in Japan. While in Japan Angie is trying to manage the band. Angie gets a huge deal to figure out for the bands future and needs Hannah’s help.

Jack is still fighting his feelings for Hannah. Jack wants to be with Hannah but knows he will never make her rich again. He won’t be able to give her that lifestyle. Jack does not realize that all this time without money has changed Hannah. Hannah wants more out of life, being rich is awesome and means financial security but Hannah looking back on who she was does not like that version of herself. She realizes that she was not LIVING before and wants Jack above all else. But she feels that there is no point since Jack is always pushing her away. Thus the reason to go to Japan.

After meeting Tamika and hanging out she realizes he is a pretty nice guy but once she finds out she is supposed to marry him she wants to be on a plane back to the US. After hearing about the big offer for the band Hannah gets her butt out of Japan and back to the US. Where Tamika has arranged for an apartment with him as her neighbor. Tamika is there on business (so he says) but Hannah finds all of this a bit sketchy.

Angie and Eric become closer and realize things they have in common and Spud is still being a jerk. After Jack finds out about Tamika and the marriage thing he decides that he should let Hannah go because Jack thinks that is what Hannah wants. So Jack and all of the band to be honest push her away.

It leaves off at a nice place in Jack & Hannah’s relationship with a bit of a twist involving Frank.

I liked this as much as book #1. I find it annoying when people make chooses for you and Jack and Tamika’s characters both did that to Hannah. Jack is not as possessive and overbearing as Tamika but he has other demons that he will be slaying in Book #3.

Hannah needs to figure out the mystery that is Jack with all his secrets and past laid out in front of her. I look forward to seeing all those secrets and seeing the outcome of Hannah’s & Jack’s relationship.

RATING: 2 ½ Stars

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