Review: Body Shot by Zoe Dawson

Body Shot
(Hope Parish - Book #5)
by Zoe Dawson
Kindle Edition, 127 Pages

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    Decon West arrives at Columbia University to start his freshman year. But New York City is like an alien planet to him and even though he’s a fish out of water, he takes it in stride. He expected to be homesick. He expected to find the city chaotic. What he hadn’t expected was that the girls would be so aggressive, throwing themselves at him. But, there’s only one woman he’s interested in tracking down and that’s Minnie Tattersall.
    Minnie dodged the bullet and resisted the temptation of eighteen-year-old Deke West when she was visiting Suttontowne. Now she’s hard at work on the upcoming collection she and Verity Outlaw will be showing at Fashion Week. She also finds it hard work to get Deke off her mind, but easy to remember that he’s much too young for her. It isn’t until he shows up at the show, and accidentally lands on the runway modeling their clothes that things begin to heat up for them. It's clear to Minnie that Deke doesn’t much care that he’s taking the New York City fashion scene by storm. He's hell-bent on breaking down her barriers and having her. How will she resist?

    Deke West is a good ol' boy for Louisiana. Deke meets Minnie when she comes to see Verity for the partnership they have in the fashion world. Deke wanted Minnie the moment he saw her.

    Minnie can't stop thinking about Deke. But she knows it is an impossibility. Deke is 18 and she is 25, Deke lives in Louisiana and she lives in New York, Deke is just a pretty face and Minnie has issues with age that stem from her mother..... it will never work.

    Deke is off to college in the Big Apple and studying to be a game designer. We meet Travis and Emmie. Travis is Deke's new roommate from Texas and Emmie is a computer nerd from well we are not sure. 

    Deke, Travis, and Emmie hit is off right away and they are a solid threesome. There are some misunderstandings with Deke and Emmie's relationship where Travis is concerned but Deke sets him straight. Travis and Emmie have a little love story in here as well.

    Deke is a beautiful man but he hates to be objectified. So when Deke shows up to Minnie and Verity's fashion show and is mistake as one of the models that is a no show he has to decide what to do. He can fill in and help the show be a success or he can leave them with a no show.  Deke makes the decision to help it's not like he will be modeling after this it is just a favor and a one time thing.

    Minnie and Verity are thrilled and shocked that Deke is walking the run way for them. The fashion world explodes with model agencies trying to get there hands on Deke but Deke only has eyes for Minnie. He tells Minnie that he wants to be with her and she agrees reluctantly with some exceptions. They can not be seen in public as a couple. Deke does not like being a Dirty Little Secret but he really wants to be with Minnie and is hoping he can change her mind.

    When Deke explains to Minnie that he is a virgin and wants her to be his first she cannot refuse. She loves the idea and the more she gets to know Deke the more she finds that they have in common and that he is a really intelligent man.

    I love that Zoe wrote about a guy that saved himself for the right woman. I read so many books where the girl is a virgin and the guy is thrilled to be the first and only. This is the first time I read about a guy that is the virgin and I think that there should be more like this as well. 

    The story as very good and I like that Deke did not let Minnie off the hook. That he was more deep than just sex and wanted a real relationship with her. I like that Deke forced her to respect him even when it was in a magazine. He did not let her dismiss him so easily. 

    Rating: 3 Stars

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