Review: Chronicles of Whimsy: Broken by T. Edwin Perry

The Chronicles of Whimsy: Broken
(Book #2)
by T. Edwin Perry
Paperback, 708 Pages
ISBN: 150887378X
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Whimsy has found her way back from Everwynn, but nothing is the way that she left it. With her home destroyed by the Dragon's fire, Whimsy has lost everything but her memories, and those memories are tearing her apart. Not only is she haunted by the events of her time in Everwynn, but she is also having visions, reliving the horrific memories that she absorbed when Josiah destroyed the Well of Soul. Worst of all is the discovery that Josiah is still alive, trapped within the prison of her own mind because she used a magic that she didn't fully understand in order to defeat him. Now, her only hope of freeing herself from these problems is to return to the place where it all began and seek out the help of the friends she left behind. Will Whimsy find the help she is looking for, or will she remain BROKEN forever? The Epic Adventure Continues with BROKEN, the Second Installment in the Chronicles of Whimsy Trilogy!

In Birthright (Book #1) we find out that Whimsy has found a way home. Back to her father and friends. But now that Whimsy is home she is having some difficulty fitting back into her life. Her house was destroyed by a dragon, she is having awful visions that seem to be events taking place in Everwyyn, she cannot seem to sleep without transforming into her fae form, and she is hearing a voice in her head that she believes belongs to that awful Josiah.  What is a half fae girl trying to be human to do in these circumstances?  Well, return to Everwynn of course.

Whimsy believes her only hope to set Josiah free is to find her grandfather who may be able to use his magic to help her in some way. Whimsy used dark magic to kill the dragon and instead trapped him inside her own mind. Now, she is also feeling a bit crazy with the voices and visions haunting her all the time. Could she have PTSD?

Whimsy makes it back to Everwynn and seeks out her friends, Parquer and Darius, for help. They are the only ones she can trust in this world.

While in Everwynn she finds out that Parquer looks much different, Caleb is all grown up and engaged, Darius is married to Lydia. She also meets Trager, a very handsome archer.

Whimsy's friends need her help too. They need Whimsy to represent them to Lord Graham, the new ruler of the fae, to guarantee safe passage to the Northern Waste Lands for the Broken.

Whimsy makes it to Lafayon but her grandfather is no longer there. Lord Graham wants Whimsy to marry Jayson (his son) and join the houses. With this promise of marriage he promises safe passage to all involved. Now Whimsy must decide her fate: if she stays and marries Jayson, her friends will be able to cross to the Northern Wastes, but that will mean denying herself the love she has with Trager, or will she return to Trager and leave her friends to find another way?

With a lot of magic, a little luck and awesome friends, Whimsy's adventure continues. You will not want to miss what happens next in this great new adventure.

I am completely in love with Whimsy. And I have to say Trager was a great addition. He is sweet, kind, loving, and just works really well with the main character. I love the way the author wrote the sweet romantic scenes they shared. Very SWOON worthy.

Rating: 5 STARS

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