Review: Good Girl Gone by Tammy Falkner

Good Girl Gone
(Reed Brothers - Book #7)
by Tammy Falkner
Kindle Edition, 224 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

She's perfect.He's not.
She's the lead singer in a popular rock band.He's a tattoo artist.
She's all perfect creases and fancy clothes.He's covered in prison ink.
She's wealthy.He doesn't have a pot to piss in.
She's good.He's bad.
The question is -- Will she ever be good enough for him?

Josh & Star's story:

Star has a dark past that no one talks about and no one acknowledges not even her. Her blood sister Wren and Star are very different but they got lucky and were adopted by Marta & Emilo Vasquez. And along with Star and Wren the couple also adopted Peck, Lark, and Finch. Together the 5 girls make up the band Fallen for Zero. 

Josh is a paraplegic and an ex-convict. Josh works with the Reed brothers at their tattoo shop. Josh was taken in by the Reeds. Some with no hesitation others with a little hesitation but he proved himself to the Reeds and now he is one of the family.

One night Star is really drunk and she is a bit of the hook. Josh helps Star sober up and in the process realizes some interesting things about himself. For one he likes Star and he likes that his body likes Star. Star has no idea what happened the night before but she does know that Josh took care of her and did not try anything funny with her, he was a perfect gentleman.

Star starts to have feelings for Josh but her past haunts her and is not sure that she can ever trust a man. Josh is learning more and more about Star and he is not scared away. He wants to be with Star even if he needs to wait for her to be ready for a future with him.

Josh's past gets thrown into his face and he has to go to his hometown to see his ex-girlfriend but he asks Star to go with him since he is not sure how to handle his feelings or the situation. Star agrees because she has been dodging her brother Tag who is trying to weasel his way back into her and Wren's life and is not happy about the situation.

The Reed Brothers is a great series. It shows so much love a family can have without all the preconceived notions and judgement. I'm not sure that they can exist in real life but I love that I can live in this world with them for a moment.  The love, honesty, respect, and good heartedness that they show to each and everyone.

Rating: 2 1/2 STARS
Happy Reading!   

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